Service Review: 19th November 2017

The theme of the service was ‘What if John came to the Triangle today’, and after the welcome by our own minister, Hillary Howarth, and she opened the service with hymn number 264 in Sing the Faith ‘Make way, make way’ and it was sung with gusto and enthusiasm.

We then welcomed our first guest John the Baptist! Not THE John the Baptist but our own Glen dressed as John the Baptist preparing the way for the Ministry of Our Lord, Jesus the Son of God. Glen played a fantastic part and the throwing of the balls was enjoyed by all.

Craft Fair Review

The Craft day was very busy with lots of people coming to look and buy from the different stalls of crafts, ranging from jewellery, knitted pieces to selling cheeses, paintings, flower displays, woodcrafts, cupcakes and many more which were all made by local people.

The Community hall was buzzing all the morning and in the afternoon there was a steady flow.

Church Groups Update

The Triangle Community Methodist Church - Learning More Together Groups 2017 - 2018

We hope there is something that captures your imagination and inspires you to come along to share with other Christians, or simply to listen. If you require any further details, please don’t hesitate to speak to Hilary on 01204 291698

Trombone Workshop

Last Saturday afternoon 18 people met together to have a go at playing the plastic Pbones (the first ever plastic Pbones trumpet in the world).

Steve and Chris came to lead the session showed us how to assemble the Pbones and who to hold them. The ages varied from 7 through to 80, and what fun they had, trying to blow and make a noise.

Service Review: 12th November 2017

On 12th November we welcomed back Jim Hodgkinson to lead our Remembrance Day Service, ably assisted by Chloe, Brian, Dennis, Estelle, Arthur, Nicola & Glen.

The service began with Jim showing the Junior Church a 100 year old family photo which included his great uncle, John, who was killed in WWI.

First Friday Group: Nov 4th 2017

Fun and Games seemed a dull title, but I haven’t laughed so much for a while and felt as relaxed as I did, so don’t by the title.

The 20 questions quiz caused a few discussions on important issues such as “Did Rudolph have antlers? And which reindeer shares its name with a small solar system body?”

User Questionnaire Survey 2017

Introduction: Since our church opened in 2015 two surveys have been carried out to gauge from church attendees how we are progressing. The first survey was after six months, the second during October 2017.

This report summarises the findings of the 2017 survey, and where relevant comparison with the 2105 findings are shown in brackets.

Service Review: 5th Nov 2017

Today is the 3rd anniversary of the opening of our Church. The service began appropriately with the hymn no. 409 " Let us build a house where love can live", and prayers of Intersession and forgiveness led by Worship Leader Denis Kirkham followed.

Rev. Hilary then welcomed 7-year-old Ciara, Mum Jen and their family and friends to her Baptism service.

October Holiday Club Review

Everyone enjoyed the club this morning, children renewing friendships while the parents could have a drink and chat to each other.

The parachute went down well and we sang a song (unaccompanied!!!) with actions and a prayer before we sat down to hot dogs, crisps, biscuit and a drink.

Service Review: 22nd October 2017

The service began with the call to worship and the title of this weeks’ service is “God, lord of life” and then we sang Hymn number 362, Meekness and majesty’ which is a rousing hymn and encouraged us to approach the service with humility but being aware of Gods purpose for our lives as well.

Chloe then opened the service in prayer followed by the Lord’s prayer.

Since the topic you gave me was David, I want to talk to you about Christmas.

No, no I hear you cry. Well, yes actually, there are only 67 days to go.

The Christmas story appears in two very different forms.

Both include genealogies:

Service Review: 15th October 2017

Today our service was led by Rev Ian Smart – so much happened it was an action-packed service so I am not going to give a rundown of everything that happened just a flavour of what it was about.

Ian was encouraging us to worship the Lord in different ways – this morning was with dance, it started with a video of David dancing in praise of the Lord – not a choreographed piece of dancing just pure joy expressed through dance.

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