Job Vacancy - Youth Development Worker

The Triangle Community Methodist Church is a welcoming, family orientated mission church in Bolton.

We are looking for someone who will work with us who has passion and expertise in developing our mission and ministry to young people aged 11 – 18. We have a growing children’s and youth programme to the young people within our existing church family and hope to extend our outreach into the community.

District Service at the Victoria Hall

What a wonderful evening it was at the District Service at the Victoria Hall. The worship was a mix of old and new songs including our youth's favourite song 'My Lighthouse'.

The worship was led by the Aspull Band as well as some hymns on the organ, It was great to hear so many voices praising the Lord.

Soul Survivor - Week B 2018

Well, it’s been another exciting year at Soul Survivor and we teamed up once more with some of our Methodist friends across the district.

We had three members from New Youth and two leaders in Ben and Ruth from the Triangle. It’s been a really exciting and engaging week for everyone and with a total of 26, there were new friendships made as the different churches bonded well together.

Holiday Club Report

This week’s holiday club began with its usual friendly and welcoming atmosphere, consisting of many children, some from church and others who had seen the club advertised.

We participated in multiple games, including many board games, crafts such as painting and colouring, designing bracelets and necklaces and appropriate toys for the babies.

Holiday At Home - 8th August 2018

Well, who would believe it - that after so many meetings and all that planning and discussion this was the last of the three days 'Holiday at Home' for this year? But sadly it was!

We've tried to vary each day's programme as much as possible and this was no exception with our guests making up booklets about themselves based on their lives and memories in the morning session. It also led to much discussion round the tables.

Kids Holiday Club - 23rd July 2018

Our summer kids holiday club started this morning and they all came running in as if they had never been away.

We had a variety of activities including making a paper mache whale out of chicken wire and then covered with newspaper. Half way through one side collapsed but fortunately one of the dad’s came to the rescue and now is safely drying out.

Kids Holiday Club

... & even more came ... 24 this week - numbers steadily increasing - lovely to have people from the local community and other local churches as well as our own.

Plenty of activities - crafts - colouring - toys - jewellery making - games & the whale 🐳 got painted 🖌 children playing with new friends & adults chatting too.

Holiday At Home - Week 2

Wednesday, 1st August saw another ‘Holiday at Home’ Event held at The Triangle.

This new initiative is a three-week project (today's being the second of three) aimed at the older members of our congregation and some people from the wider community who were not going away on holiday this year.

Church Trip To Yorkshire

This year, about 50 people crossed the border into Yorkshire visiting Worth steam train at Oxenhope where tea and coffee had been arranged for us before we boarded the steam train at 11.00am taking us to Keighley.

Our coach picked everyone up and proceeded to Haworth where we spent some time looking round the museum, exploring the village and having lunch.

Holiday At Home

Wednesday 25th July saw the first ‘Holiday at Home’ held at The Triangle. This was a new initiative aimed at the older members of our congregation and some from the wider community who were not going away on holiday this year.

There were 30 people who came yesterday, some collected by members of the congregation and family members brought others.

Kids Holiday Club

What an amazing morning at the Kids Holiday Club! Children’s laughter as they are having lots of fun playing at church. Mums, dads, grandparents, friends enjoying a coffee while chatting away.

The morning was filled with games, games and more games for the children. Beads craft, air hockey, bowling, parachute and board games, colouring and much more.

Jonah 'Fact or Fiction'

We're all familiar with the story of Jonah - mainly the part where he gets thrown overboard and swallowed by a fish, sea monster or a whale.

Most biblical scholars held belief that the story was just simply a myth, the stuff of legend. The reason being that the story lacks detail. There are no dates and not even the name of the king.

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