Peter & Sally's Wedding

The day was a beautiful sunlit occasion, very different from the morning’s downpours. A day full of excitement and expectations, which were all realised.

Sally, beautiful in her wedding dress, was accompanied by her bridesmaids, resplendent in scarlet gowns. The church, standing room only, was humming with expectant, excited people, here to celebrate this popular young couples wedding day.

Service Review: 3rd September 2017

“We are all one in God’s eyes and name” (Revd Hilary Howarth) The morning service was led by the Revd Hilary and it had the Junior Church and New Youth at its heart.

In her opening address Revd Hilary emphasised just how important the Junior Church is at the Triangle, and she reminded us all that “young people are not only the church of the future, but they are also the church of today”.

First Friday Group: 1st Sept 2017

"Holidays" was the theme for our the new first Friday group. A quiz of holiday places and dates got everyone talking. It helped if people on your table were seasoned travellers with good memories.

Holiday memorabilia were brought in by several people was handled and discussed, the owners ready with the answers.

Service Review: 27th August 2017

Our service today was led by our Circuit Superintendent, Rev Jennifer McKenzie. The theme of the service was the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

The service opened with words of welcome from Rev McKenzie. Our opening hymn was ‘Jesus calls us here’.

Prayers followed praising God for the gift of the world including all that is in it and the faith to enjoy and appreciate it. This was followed by the Lord’s Prayer.

Kids Holiday Club: August 21st 2017

Another busy and happy morning at the holiday club, doing the different activities, whilst some of the boys were playing table tennis over in the Annexe under the instruction of Joe and David.

Parents and carers enjoyed a cup of tea /coffee and a natter with each other. We ended the morning with our parachute and then hot dogs, mini cheddars cakes and drinks were served to finish.

St. James's BBQ Review

After the awful weather we had on Saturday the sun shone for the BBQ that was held at St. James’s Catholic today. A group from our church joined our friends from St. James and St. Andrew’s (Hope Centre) after our morning service along with families who live on Johnson Fold.

There was beef burgers, hot dogs and sweetcorn cooked on the BBQs along with all the accompaniments that go with them.

Service Review: 20th August 2017

Phillip Evans welcomed us to worship as the family of God. A God that said ‘I have conquered the world’ as reflected in the first hymn ‘Jesus shall reign’.

We were asked to name our favourite foods, which ranged from fillet steak to fish and chips and the vote that followed named fish and chips as the top choice.

Service Review: 13th August 2017

On Sunday we welcomed the return of Sarah Booth as she shared with us her infectious enthusiasm for her subject - comparing Peter's attempt to walk on water in the New Testament (Matthew 14) with the traumas of the Prophet, Elijah, in the Old Testament (Book of Kings) and looking at how we might learn from these stories.

Both men had faith (as we hope we have) which was sorely tested and found wanting (as ours often is) but they came through.

Holiday Club Review: Monday 14th August

Another busy morning the children came running in and soon found an activity they wanted to do. Some drew round their hands and then the adults cut the shape of their hand in felt.

Others made bookmarks, bracelets ,colouring playing with toys on the floor and the older ones played table tennis over in the Annexe whilst their parents and carers had a cup of tea and talked to other parents.

Reviews: Kids Holiday Club

6th August 2017 - Another lovely morning at the Junior Church Holiday Club, we were joined by a few older children who were let’s say slightly excitable and lucky enough to have Les, Colin and David take them over to the Annexe for a big game of table tennis and skittles !

Meanwhile, the rest of the group enjoyed playing with the wide variety of toys, games and activities that had been generously provided.

Soul Survivor Weekend

We have taken more young people than ever before to Soul Survivor this year and I am pleased to say that they all wish to return next year! I am also happy to say that we will have more from our Sunday School reach the age requirement to attend the trip and so we will have possibly have 15 of us go altogether in 2018.

We would wake up in the morning to share breakfast together. Some of them even balanced cereal on their knees whilst playing the ukulele... it was most impressive! After breakfast there was an option to fit in a seminar of their choice otherwise we would make our way to morning worship (approximately two hours long).

Service Review: 6th August 2017

Really good number this morning starting the services with pictures of our young people at Sole Survivors – they seem to have had a brilliant time.

The theme for the morning was ‘The compassion of Christ’. We started with the hymn ‘Give me joy in my heart’ Chloe then did the introductory prayers. Rather than the usual young people’s address Hilary with the help of Annie answered questions that helped the young people – and the not so young – to understand the significance of communion.

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