Kids Holiday Club - February 2019

Today was Kids Club at The Triangle Church, there was a lot going on! The children (and adults) enjoyed many of the activities that were available to them.

Jewellery making, games, arts and crafts and much more....

The children had lots of fun and enjoyed socialising and making new friends.

First Friday Group: 1st Feb 2019

Though it was a cold sunny snowy afternoon, 21 people arrived at the First Friday group, ready for some fun.

Rome had driven over from Manchester with his car full of different types of drums and instruments for everyone to have a go and learn how to play - the Timba (Hand drum), Choaltto (shakeil), Agogo (bell), Surdo (bass drum), and the Snare Drum.

A six week course written by Dr Paula Gooder, and based on Jimmy McGovern’s screenplay.

This is a very interesting and thought-provoking course which challenges us to think about what it means to be a Christian in today’s society. Be warned, however, that the themes addressed by the series could be upsetting and personally challenging.


Talking to a friend last week I learnt that every year the people who compile the Oxford dictionary select a word of the year.

They do this by studying data showing how many times words have been looked up over the year and in 2018, there was a 45% increase in the number of times this particular word was researched, making it their outstanding choice.

President's Address

President's Address (Revd. Loraine N. Mellor ): I remember the first time I ever sang that hymn just used as a prayer introit on sermons Sunday. We sang it every year and one year my Sunday school teacher Mrs Wroe asked me to sing the middle verse as a solo. It soon became a firm favourite and still is.

Thank you Mrs Wroe I have much to thank you for, firstly for introducing me to God, for instilling in me a passion for Jesus, and for keeping it real, keeping faith so real so that I could encounter the Holy Spirit.

Vice President's Address

Vice President's Address (Jill Baker): I was travelling on a train - nothing unusual in that - a train from Fitzwilliam to Wakefield Westgate in Yorkshire. It was a full train and I was standing, as were many others. A few yards away from me stood a young woman who was not lurching around with the bending and braking of the train, but who was quietly rocking backwards and forwards on the balls of her feet.

She had long hair and I didn't immediately notice the ear phones she was wearing, but I did notice her elegance, her poise and a certain sense of peace which seemed to emanate from her.


On Sunday 2nd July we welcomed back Rev. Anne Cash whose theme was, coincidentally, 'Welcome' - and more specifically, 'Are we welcoming enough?'

This is of course a rather sensitive subject at the present time when we look at things like the UK's response to the Syrian Refugee crisis and the decision to leave the European Union in order to control migration (amongst other things).

Party In The Park

After months of planning with the Churches in the local area Sunday 25th soon came around.

It was a damp start to the day but the weather picked up and the sun appeared now and again, at least it kept dry. Party in the Park began with a service and the Mayor of Bolton officially opened the party.

Service Review: 25th June 2017

Our service today was led by Mr Jeff Millington. Joe Leighton welcomed the preacher. Our opening hymn was ‘Be still’.

Worship Leader Brian Smith led prayers based in part on the work of George Fox but with a modern approach. The theme was what we need to be and what we need to do to be God’s disciples. The Lord’s Prayer was sung.

MWiB Coffee Morning

Our coffee morning raised £150 funds for the "Methodist Women in Britain."

The children from Markland Hill school came along to sing. Thank you to everyone who came to support this. See the photos below.

FFF: Jonah

The ‘story’ of Jonah is an interesting one. It has caused a lot of debate historically through to the present times.

Now, I am one of those weird people (and there aren’t many of us)! that does take the historical setting of the biblical text just as serious as the message for us today. To get the authority of the message for today’s world, you need to delve into the early centuries and get the message of their world.

Service Review: 18th June 2017

Jonah the Reluctant prophet: The recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London cause us to think about the Emergency Services.

Stephen is an officer in the Tactical Aid Response group and today we all were invited to sign a card thanks to acknowledge those who regularly put their lives on line. He also will receive 2 big boxes of chocolates!

I was asked to review the weekend ‘Seeking spiritual renewal’ workshop led by the reverend Paul Wilson, who is the development worker for ‘Methodist Evangelicals Together’, something I never knew existed, but how grateful I am for discovering them through Paul Wilson.

The weekend brought to me a side of Methodism that I realised I was seeking but not knowing it.

Service Review: June 4th 2017

The Communion Service was led by the Revd Keith Jump. The readings were Joel 2 v 20-32; Psalm 100 and Acts 2 v 1-13. It was a fun and lively service where we celebrated the birth of the Church at Pentecost.

Keith got us to sing Happy Birthday as a church to the Church which seemed a bit strange prior to doing it but actually was fun and relevant.

Review: First Friday Group

The topic for today's first Friday meeting was entitled "It shouldn't happen to a Minister" and our own minister Revd. Hilary Howarth gave us an insight into her life before and after she came to the Triangle in 2014.

There were 25 people in the room all eager to learn secrets of the trade but as Hilary said "its not a job , its a way of life".

There are highs and lows in her work, when there were tears to shed and home is the place to do it.

Service Review: 28th May 2017

Living for the Lord: Scrunching my paper into a tight ball, I took aim. Bullseye! Far down the classroom a girl squeaked in astonishment as the missile glanced off her shoulder.

Fast-forward sixty years and, d'you know, my aim is just as good! Only, this time, my paper ball whizzed down the nave in the Triangle and landed on a member of Sunday's (28th May) congregation.

Service Review: 21st May 2017

Before the service, Chloe one of our worship leaders went live on face book showing the pre-service activity. This is the second week this has been done and last week it reached 2800 people.

As we are working on the theme of Hero’s Chloe was named as one of this month’s hero’s. Hilary then went on to talk about another hero Irena Sendler who single handed rescued 2500 babies and children from Warsaw during the second world war, keeping a note of all their names so that after the war she could reunite them with their parents or find them foster care or families.

Service Review: 14th May 2017

Speech and Wisdom: How much d'you know about your tongue? And, in particular, its length?

Judging by the Triangle congregation's responses at Sunday's service (14th May), not a lot! Answers ranged from 2cms to 20 metres. The truth is "just over 7cms", said Deacon Gill Atkinson, "or, for us golden oldies, about 3 inches".

Service Review: 7th May 2017

Faith and Works: We live in the age of the 'sound bite', the taut text and the one-word catch phrase. Communication to the corners of the planet is a matter of microseconds. Getting our message across is simply no problem at all. They had no such luxury in Biblical times.

If you had something to say, out came the parchment and reed pen and you wrote a letter - carefully considered and closely argued. Today these magnificent pieces of scholarship resonate down the Ages to us. So it is with the Letter of James.

Review: First Friday Group

The first Friday meeting had much to talk and reminisce about. Astley provided enough toys for every table to share, old photographs were poured over, each of us remembering scenes from our childhood.

There was such a variety of wooden or tin toys mostly "Boys toys", no doll or "girly things". Kathy bought her 1936 Chad Valley Teddy bear. The lady sat next to me said she played with her other brothers toys and she became a 'tom boy' as a result!

Service Review: 30th April 2017

Listening and Doing: Most people know of the Letters of Paul - to the Romans, the Corinthians, the Galatians, to name but a few.

But there are other letters, or 'epistles' in the New Testament and 'not a lot of people know that!' One of them, recognisable by its powerful message, is 'The Letter of James'. "Let every man be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger". Got him now? That's James!

FFF: Jesus The Hero

Jesus - the Hero - what a topic! I’m not sure if I’ve been handed the pearl of great price, or drawn the short straw…

At our Easter breakfast on Sunday I was telling people at our table what I’d been preparing for, and someone said ‘What an odd title - I’ve never thought of Jesus as a ‘hero’ - and I began to realise why I was finding this so challenging, because - to be honest - neither have I… I guess that might be something to do with the image the word conjures up in my brain…

Methodist Women in Britain

Joyce Read and I recently enjoyed a thought provoking weekend at the Hayes Centre in Swanwick.

The keynote speaker was Bishop Rosemarie Wenner from the German United Methodist Church who spoke passionately about her country’s work with refugees and asylum seekers. There were prayers led by Rev Charity Nzegwu, Clare Rawlings and Anne Browse and a Bible study led by Alison Judd, President of the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women and communion on Sunday in the chapel.

Easter Sunday Service

‘See what a morning!’ The Triangle was alive with the glory and wonder of the risen Lord as we celebrated Easter Sunday.

Rev Hilary focused our minds on how the empty tomb changes everything. The cross is stripped of the symbols of betrayal, suffering and death and adorned with flowers in their place.

Good Friday Worship & Meditation

After a moving service at Birtenshaw on Maundy Thursday when the theme was Hands and the Last Supper when Jesus washed the disciple’s feet. Instead of washing feet, we washed each other’s hands and partook in Holy Communion together, the Worship leaders from Birtenshaw, Hawkshaw and the Triangle Methodist Churches led our Good Friday Worship and Meditation here at the Triangle.

Friday is the road to Sunday (Brian) when we remember the crucifixion of Jesus, and is our task to call people to the cross.

Easter Sunday Sunrise Service

To begin our Easter Day celebrations that "Christ had Risen, Alleluia ",fourteen of us joined Revd. Hilary Howarth at the Early Sun Rise Service at 6.00am.

We met on the Horrocks Fold Car Park on Scout Road over looking Bolton. It was bitterly cold but dry and we had a short Service which include call to worship followed by singing "Low in the grave he lay", Prayers , Reflection, and a reading from Mark 16: 1-8.

Review: Kids' Holiday Club

On Monday we met up again and the children were all happily making Easter cards, jewellery, playing games and of course they had great fun with the parachute.

They all stayed for lunch and tucked into sandwiches , crisps , cake and a drink----- empty plates went back to be washed!!!!!

Another Hit for the 1st Friday Club, nostalgia and memories, Patriotic music and Songs. There was plenty to relax to and enjoy, then more to wave your music sheet at, remember St. Georges day and finally everyone stood for the National Anthem.

The tea and cakes were excellent as usual and everyone got a little Easter Egg to take home.

Kindly written by Jo.Farris

Service Review: Palm Sunday

9th April 2017: Today our worship was led by Mr. Michael Hawksworth. Our opening Palm Sunday liturgy was read by Eddie Scowcroft and his sister Annie presented the palm branch. It s always good to hear young voices in Church.

We then sang verse 1 of Hymn 265: "Ride on ride on in majesty"

Service Review: 2nd April 2017

The theme this morning was ‘Lazarus’. After the rather formal Lenten reading and the placing of the fourth symbol, the whip, on the cross the main service opened with the singing of two lively songs- ‘Bless the Lord O my soul’ and ‘There is a redeemer’.

The notices today highlighted a surprising number of youth activities for the coming months.

Service Review: 26th March 2017

The Mothering Sunday service was led by Mr Peter Holland. The service started with the Lent Cross Liturgy was led by Chloe and Sam Fountayne.

It was lovely to have Annie Scowcroft do the opening prayers with Brian. After Peter did his children's talk the children handed out flowers to all the Ladies in the church which was very special. Followed by the song God loves in which the children had their flags.

Faith & Meaning In Popular Songs

I was delighted that so many people (about 100) turned up for my talk on Friday 24th March and that we were able to share not only in my Musical Mystery Tour but in the Gospel Sing-a-Long with the Praise Band afterwards.

The journey I took traced the origins of ‘popular songs’ from C18th & C19th hymns through to the ‘pop charts’ of today, highlighting the spiritual influences along the way and the religious significance of the lyrics of many chart hits of the past 50-60 years.

Litter Pick & 20's & 30's Group Outing

A group of us braved the elements this morning,geared with plastic bags and litter pickers and set off round Johnson Fold.

Young Thomas (Betty Anne and Denis's grandson) joined us and enjoyed picking up litter and jumping in the puddles. We collected three bagfuls of litter and wore out a pair of shoes, the soles had disappeared on route and they too have now been binned!!

Service Review: 19th March 2017

Spotlight on Moses: One of the joys of being at The Triangle is the variety and interest of Sunday worship. The mix of lay preachers and visiting Ministers with our own Minister, Revd Hilary Howarth, gives freshness to every service.

This week (Sunday 19th March) we welcomed a Deacon*, Rachel Thomas-Prasad and her family. And what a fun hour-and-a half we had!

Service Review: 12th March 2017

The service was led this morning by Jim Hodgkinson and the call to worship was summed up in the first hymn ‘God is here as we his people.'

The junior church members were then asked to come and sit at the front and Jim joined them sitting on the floor. As we now have a web cam we could see what was going on (it’s great).

First Friday: Life On The Inside

About 26 women and 4 men came to listen to Steve Maslivec talking about “Life on the Inside” and what a brilliant and informative afternoon it was.

He talked about how long it took to become a volunteer member of the Independent Monitoring Board appointed by the Secretary of State before he could visit Forest Bank Prison, Salford, where he listens and monitors to any complaints on abuse, drugs, bullying, violence from the prisoners and any complaints from the Prison Officers too.

Service Review: 5th March 2017

Temptation: I arrived at church cold and wet having delivered leaflets around the estate behind church.

I immediately felt friendliness warmth and peace as I entered church. One thing that I enjoy about the Triangle is the fact that every service is completely different.

Today is the first Sunday in Lent when we think about the temptations that Jesus had to suffer in the wilderness before being put to death on the cross.

Service Review: 26th February

Todays’ service was led by Chris Hulse from the Chorley circuit and featured readings from Mathew chapter 17, verses 1-9 and 2 Peter chapter 1, verses 16-21 and songs/hymns ‘The splendour of the King’, ‘Come on and celebrate’, ‘Come Holy Ghost our hearts inspire, ‘Wind of God dynamic Spirit’ and ‘Oh Jesus I have promised’.

There is a donation from this church to aid the famine in East Africa but if anyone wishes to donate themselves there is information in the foyer about where to donate.

Service Review: 19th February

The theme of today’s All Age Worship Service was ‘Bible Superheroes’, led by our own Revd. Hilary.

And what a Service it turned out to be. We were treated to ‘Superheroes’ a plenty from the Junior Church (and from the ‘not so junior church’); hymns played and led by our Praise Band; prayers both sung and spoken; and a lesson about Abraham, ‘Superhero, as told by the Revd. Hilary.

FFF: 15th February 2017

It was the first in the series on Heroes & Heroines. I was asked to speak on Abraham & Sarah.

Having looked at the background of semi-nomadic living where tribes moved around from settlement to settlement for grazing & trading & found that human sacrifice was a practice of the day, we went on to look at snapshots of their lives by looking at a few stories in Genesis.

Kids Holiday Club

Half term soon comes round and the kids Holiday Club met up again on Monday.

Everyone enjoyed themselves including helpers. There were various activities available for all ages, games, jewellery making, colouring and making paper chains, which everyone enjoyed having a go at.

All Age Worship :: 19th Feb 2017

What an excellent service today. There was enough varied content to keep young and old alike interested.

The Heroes and Heroines theme was well received and so appropriate.

The hymns were just right even if the last one made the hairs stand up at the back of your neck.

Wingates Brass Band

On Saturday evening Wingates brass band performed at the Triangle for the second time and once again they exceeded expectations.

The church was full and everyone enjoyed a varied programme of music ranging from Mendelssohn to Schumann, and included Andrew Macdonald (cornet) and Adam Taylor playing a duet "Cousins"; Flugel Solo "Beneath the Willow" played by Beth Dilworth; Euphonium solo "Slavische Fantasie" played by Chris Robertson; "The Bare Necessities" solo played by Connor Gingell.

Service Review: 12th February

The Revd Anne Cash led the service. Chloe (Youth Worker) did a Children's Talk 'God said not to eat..' about temptation and the consequence.

Later on there was a drama sketch where a person reading a Bible was sat on a train. They were joined by another passenger who was initially critical of the person reading the Bible (with a plain brown paper cover over it).

First Friday Group Review

What a pleasant way to start the first Friday of the month meeting, friendly company, a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of cake or biscuits, not to mention entertainment.

We have quizzes, readings and speakers on interesting topics. our last meeting was a "Bring a tune you would like to have on a desert island", luckily we had Edith's daughter to do the technical work and the music was varied and enjoyable.

Service Review: 6th February 2017

‘God’s world – ours to use and abuse as we see fit’ or God’s world – with humans as custodians of his creation’?

What is our responsibility towards our planet? Can we just use it up and rely on God to provide us with another one when this one is no longer usable?

Service Review: 29th January 2017

Today's service saw the very welcome return of Mrs. Olwen Baker, to lead us in worship. Our opening hymn was No 340 in Singing the faith, "Ye servants of God."

Then Louise and Faustin, with their children, went to the front and shared the good news that Louise's sister's children, who had been missing, had been found in a refugee camp in the Tanzania. These children are orphans after the death of their mother.

Service Review: 22nd January 2017

This Sunday was the Covenant Service. It was a wonderful, special service.

The service was led by our own Rev Hilary Howarth. After the call to worship we sang 'Only by grace can we enter,' which was a wonderful start to the service. Hillary then gave an explanation of the Covenant service.

Review: Vice President's Visit

Friday 6th January 2017: The evening opened with attendees sharing a grand 'Jacobs Join' meal before proceeding into the Church where our Minister, Hilary, welcomed everyone and introduced Rachel Lampard.

The Praise band led us in singing the hymn 'Longing for Light'. Alison Critchley then spoke of the plight of the poor in some of the local council estates, also of the work of Urban Outreach and the homeless scheme.

Service Review: 8th January 2017

On Sunday 8th January we welcomed Rev. Neville Markham to lead our worship. 'Rev. Nev.' is the Chaplain at the Royal Bolton Hospital and, as part of his service, he gave us an insight into the important multi-faith chaplaincy work that goes on there.

It was interesting that he thought people could relate more easily to a Chaplain than to a Church.

Christmas Dinner On Jesus

A group of us from Church met at Urban Outreach to help with the packing of the Christmas Dinner on Jesus hampers so that up to 4,000 people will receive some festive food for Christmas.

After receiving instructions, we went to the two assembly tables where all the food for the hampers was stacked up and ready for packing.

Rock Nativity: The Encore

What would the season of Christmas be without the Nativity Play? In churches up and down the land it's the showpiece of the Sunday school year!

Here at The Triangle the Nativity Play is the pinnacle of a tremendous amount of work by our Young Church leaders - scripting, rehearsing words and music, costume design, building the set and finally staging the show to a packed and enthusiastic congregation.

Service Review: 4th December

We were welcomed into the service with the sight of a beautiful Christmas Tree thank you to those who have decorated it for everyone’s pleasure.

The service started by Joe Farris & Glennys Astley with advent words the lighting of the second candle on our advent ring. This was followed with a multilingual greeting from our Minster Hilary. And a rousing rendition of ‘Tell out my soul.'

Service Review: 27th November

On the First Advent Sunday we welcomed Jeff Millington to lead our worship.

His theme was 'Are we ready for the return of Jesus?' and he opened with an amusing address to the children about what preparations they would make if they heard that the Queen was coming to visit their house.

Winter Praise

The Methodist Church Circuit Mission Committee held their Annual “Winter Praise” service at St. John’s Horwich on Sunday 20th November. We were welcome by Revd. Jennifer McKenzie and began with a hymn “Born in Song”.

Michael Hawksworth opened with a prayer and went on to tell us abit about Mission work both abroad and at home. JMA awards were presented to three churches one of them being The Triangle.

Service Review: 20th November

The service was led by our own minister Reverend Hilary Howarth.

The call to worship was a brief overview of the service to come focussing on the importance of this Sunday in the Christian calendar, particularly Stir up Sunday and Christ the King. Mention was made that this Sunday was also marking Women Against Violence.

Our first hymn was “Meekness and Majesty”. Our resident organist Ann was accompanied in this. and all succeeding hymns, by the Praise Band.

Service Review: 13th November 2016

On Sunday 13th November, the Remembrance Service was led by Matthew Ramsden (Local Preacher 'On Trial'). Matthew started the service with an opening hymn and prayer.

He then asked various members of the congregation, including the children, about what their understanding was in regard to Remembrance Sunday and if there were people with personal experience of a member of their family who had been involved in the wars.

Service Review - 6th November 2016

Theme – ‘I have everything I need’. It was a pleasure to welcome five new members to Triangle. Two transferring from churches of other denomination and three from other Methodist Churches. One gave her testimony.

We were told that as a girl she had attended Sunday School twice each week and admitted that she wondered if her parents just wanted a quiet hour! However, she felt secure in her faith. Due to house moves this is her ninth church having been involved in all aspects of church life. The church is not a building but a group of people and she said she had felt the warmth of fellowship and friendship.

Service Review: 30th October 2016

My review of this mornings’ (30th October) service led by Mr Graham Smith. The hymns were “O for a thousand tongues to sing”, “The spirit lives to set us free”, “The Lords’ Prayer (Townend version)”, “May the mind of Christ my Saviour” and “There’s a light upon the mountains”.

The service began with “O for a thousand tongues to sing” followed by the opening prayers and the Lords’ Prayer. Graham Smith then talked to the children who sat on the floor around the lectern.

Food Faith Fellowship

After sharing fellowship and a meal together Revd. Keith Jump talked about “The Last Supper- Great Meal- Pity the guests? John chapter 13.

It was the place of the slave to wash feet especially when the visitors had travelled a long way and were coming to the Passover meal, but Jesus insisted on washing the disciples’ feet himself. The Passover meal was remembrance of the Jews being released from captivity from the Egyptians.

A Call to Faithfulness

D'you like Olwen Baker's services? I know I do! Leading our service on Sunday (23rd Oct) at a packed Triangle, such is her pulling power, this was the first time we'd seen Olwen since she'd lost her beloved Bob.

But she was as bright as ever, bringing us warmth, humour and sincerity and convincing us that a kindly God really is in His Heaven. And, true to form, Bob still featured in his small starring role in her sermon.

Service Review: 9th October 2016

“… A porous faith that steps in and out of this special place carrying the love of God to others.”

Jim Hodgkinson took his theme from the Old Testament story of Naaman which he told with gusto and grace to an enthralled gathering of youngsters and with sound effects added by us all.

Service Review: 2nd October

Today Rev Hilary Howarth took our morning worship which included Holy Communion and the Reception of New Members.

"God cares for all the children of the world " was the cheery action hymn sung by our younger children . This was followed by each of the teenagers being presented with their new personalised hoodie. On the back of each one was printed the Church logo , New Youth , and the Church website. Their initials are on the front.

Service Review: Harvest Festival

Led by Reverend Lesley Dinham. The arriving congregation was met at the door by the appointed welcomers, aided by Peppa Pig, or at least by someone wearing an impenetrable disguise.

After the welcome, Rev. Lesley asked how we can all respond to Gods call, for today is a day of rejoicing and giving thanks. During our first hymn 'Come you thankful people come' the harvest gifts were brought forward by the children and laid before the altar.

Service Review: 25th September 2016

This weeks service was led by Rev Hilary Howarth. It was a lovely service with Eddie and Annie Scowcroft leading the prayers.

During the service the JMA awards were presented. As Sally is going to university we now have two new JMA secretaries, Ruth and Catriona who were commissioned during the service. Sally was presented with a gift as she is going away.

Martha & Mary (or Martin & Mark)

Martha and Mary (or Martin and Mark) because the men don’t get out of the equation!

I’ve called tonight’s talk Martha and Mary – or Martin and Mark. Gent’s I don’t want you to think that just because it’s about two women, that you get to sit on the sideliners, because it relates to men, just as much as women!

A Prayer: By Eddie & Annie Scowcroft

Let us pray

Dear God, we thank you for family and friends. We also thank you for life, feelings and emotions.

We praise you for nature and different places to go. We praise you for shelter, food and all the necessities in life.

Service Review: 4th September

Our preacher this morning was a member of our own congregation, Supernumerary Minister Reverend Keith Jump. The Call to Worship was from John 10:14-15.

Our first hymn was “Immortal, Invisible God only Wise” After a short prayer the children and young people left for their groups.

Service Review: 4th September

It was lovely to see such a full Church for the Christening of Raeya Elizabeth Worsley - may God Bless her.

Rev. Hilary then asked us to consider the omnipresence of God in all our lives. It is a truly mind-boggling concept to accept that He knew us before we were born and knows our thoughts and actions even before we have them or undertake them.

Nicole's Bornea Trip: Update

Update from Borneo: They have been stuck at the holding camp from Monday to Thursday unable to travel to the next island. So they took day off to go to the beach - in the rain! They had the opportunity to zip wire between islands.

They also took the opportunity to help planting at the wetlands mangroves. They have now moved on to a small camp that not many groups get the opportunity to visit. We won't hear anything for a few days now due to lack of signal.

Service Review: 21st August 2016

The service on Sunday at the Triangle was an 'All Style' service. Whereby part of the congregation went on a prayer walk around the lodge, some went into the meeting rooms to do some craft activities and the remaining congregation stayed in the church for a traditional service.

The theme was Prayer. Whilst on their walk around the Lodge, the group collected some branches in order to create a Prayer Tree and hung on it leaves that were cut out of green card with names or situations needing prayer.

On Saturday 13th August a group of us from the Triangle and the local Rotary Club went along to Warrington 100k meal pack to help them package 100,000 meals in the fight against WORLD HUNGER.

This event was run by Warrington Rotary Club and it was the 1st Rotary Sponsored Stop Hunger Now meal packing event in the Uk. It was held at Chaigeley School Thelwall and volunteers were needed to cover 2 or 4 hour shifts over two days.

Service Review: 14th August

Today's service was taken by Mrs. Maudine Morris and her theme of Fire was thoughtful and uplifting. We were greeted by images of flames on the two screens, as we came into Church. Hymn 43 was "Come let us praise the Lord, with joy our God proclaim", and was followed by prayers of adoration, confession, and the Lord's Prayer sung.

We now saw images of the Great Fire of London, and Maudine talked about the re-building improvements made to the city after the devastation of the fire.

Kid's Holiday At Home

First day of Kids Holiday at home, about four families came along to the session.

Lots of things to do from games to craft, puzzles and outdoor games. Mums and Grandma came and they had a natter over a cup of tea or coffee while the children were busy doing the activities, though.

Mums joined in helping the children make things too. Everyone enjoyed it and are looking forward to next week.

Service Review: 7th August 2016

A Family Occasion: Our Minister, Revd Hilary Howarth, doesn't look old enough to be a Grandma! But, on Sunday (7th August) she baptised her 6th grandchild, Rory Michael McDermott, son of Jen and Dan and brother to Jack and Harry, surrounded by relatives, friends and, of course, us - his Triangle family.

Being baptised by Grandma ensures the baby won't 'let the Devil out' and Rory beamed at the congregation throughout. It was the warmest and happiest of occasions - as Hilary put it 'A gift of God - a moment when we are aware of the connection between Heaven and Earth'.

Sole Survivors Weekend

We have so many stories to share with you from Soul Survivor! Our five day festival frenzy left us feeling inspired as well as tired from all the things we did in Stafford.

From throwing dry aint through the colour chaos party, to sharing stories whilst drinking hot chocolate. We had a lot of fun!

Each day, we attended morning and evening worship that involved singing and dancing as well as bible study and prayer.

Morning Worship Sunday 31st July 2016 - Lead by the Rev Anne Cash

Anne had beautiful opening prayers based on ‘We adore you – we believe.’ This was followed by a reading by Vera Latham Colossians 3 V1-11. Immediately followed by the trio of Kathy, Norman and Brian enacting Luke 12 v 13-21.


Prayers will be held at St.Patrick's Catholic Church- Gt. Moor St.- BL1 1NS (next to new interchange being built- yards from the Hub- on the main rd.)

Starting at 7.00 pm. Please do come along and show our strength in unity and pray for Fr Jacques and also for other innocent victims of current events.

Hope many of you will be able to come along tomorrow evening. Thank you to Monsignor John Dale & Colleagues for organizing the Peace Prayers.

Last Sunday (24th July) we welcomed Deacon Lyn Gallimore, the Chaplain at Beechville MHA Care Home, to talk about our 'Journey with God'.

Is he with us? How do we know? She asked us to look back on the emergence of the Triangle from the closure of 4 churches, she talked about her own 'life journey' and asked us all to reflect on our own journeys to see where God had guided us and supported us along the way.

Jesus and the Wedding Feast

Jesus and the Wedding Feast - no need to bring a bottle! John 2 1-13.

Last night's speaker was Revd. Karen Lund from Christ's Church Walmsley. About 33 people came and enjoyed a lovely buffet and share fellowship with friends. Part of our fellowship is to engage in discipleship and we always need to go back to God to put things right.

Service Review: 17th July 2016

Despite a slight drop in attendance numbers due to the holiday season beginning, the pre-service “buzz” from friends and family in the congregation was in no way diminished at church this Sunday.

The friends and family of Harper (who was to be baptised today) added to the general chitter chatter of welcomes, catching up and general friendliness.

Church Outing To Skipton

Our annual social trip was a great success yet again, with the weather behaving itself - no umbrellas needed thankfully.

The coach took us to Bolton Abbey railway station where, after a welcome drink, we boarded the steam train to Embsay station enjoying a leisurely ride through fields of sheep and cows. After a peruse round the station and gift shop the coach took us to Bolton Abbey where packed and café lunches were consumed.

Presidential Address

Like others who have stood in this place before me, I am not quite sure why I am here or that I am adequate to the role. I feel that someone somewhere has made a mistake. Any minute I will receive a note to say, 'Don't worry, the proper President will be along shortly'.

I am not alone in this. Last September I saw the then new Secretary of the Conference and I asked him how he was settling into the new appointment. He told me that ever since the Conference, he had been expecting a responsible adult to come along but so far it hadn't happened.

Vice President's Address

The newly inducted Vice-President of the Methodist Conference, Rachel Lampard MBE, has called for the Church to stop 'problematising' and trying to 'fix' the poor, but "address the problems and pain that not having enough money brings."

Speaking to the Conference gathered in London today, Rachel Lampard said: "We live in a world where we need 'oceans of justice', where in the UK more than 1 in 4 children live in poverty, and 2 million people die each year because of a lack of safe water or sanitation.

Service Review: 10th July 2016

Morning Service: Phillippa Hill led worship this morning with a theme ‘The Good Samaritan’. The reading from Deuteronomy reminded us that in the Old Testament time it was written in the law that you should love God and your neighbour.

In a recent report Philippa quoted that only one third of the people surveyed would help a stranger at a small cost and only one fifth would help, if say, someone had fallen in a river or had serious injuries.

FFF: Jesus & Levi at the Banquet

Something to Celebrate (Luke 5:27-32): We explored this passage from the Gospel of Luke by dividing it into three sections.

We looked at the historical context and giving consideration to how it can still be important to us today.

Service Review: 26th June 2016

Our morning service was led by Mr. Peter Holland and his theme was "Would be Followers".

We started our service with call to worship followed by our first hymn "For the fruits of his creation" played and led by our Praise Band. Brian and Annie led our opening Prayers followed by the Lord's prayer.

Party In The Park: 2016

Prayers were certainly answered. After a week of rain we wondered whether the Party in the Park would take place.

On Sunday morning we woke up to a lovely sunny morning and the forecast was good for the day. After our morning service we made our way down to the park armed with gazebo and games , assembled the gazebo and we were all set. St. Peter's hosted the party together with the local churches and community partners.

Service Review: 19th June

Sunday 19th June was the Junior Church Celebrations, which had the theme, Dreaming Big, making plans and moving forward.

Our Minister, Hilary, greeted a full congregation, saying that there would be 'Lots going on.' We were then given a welcome in a dozen different languages, read out individually and with impressive pronunciation by members of the Intermediate and Senior Sunday School classes.

Through Young Eyes Exhibition

Through Young Eyes features drawinfs by young Palestinians who lived through the Israeli military offensive on the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014.

These artists are supported by The Culture and Free Though Association (CFTA), a Christian Aid partner in Gaza, which gives young people an opportunity to learn, play and grow their talents in as safe a space as they can provide.

Service Review: 12th June 2016

Susy's service synopsis: Hi everyone. When I was asked to do a review I was concerned the service may not be very good! I need not have worried as, as always, the service was interesting and inspirational.

One thing I enjoy about the Methodist church is having a variety of ministers and preachers doing the services - giving more variety within worship and different peoples views for us to consider.

Service Review: 5th June 2016

The service was fairly unstructured - this was good in the sense that it provided something a bit different and kept the congregation on it's toes so to speak.

We think some structured services are worthwhile though to preserve a sense of tradition (like with communion) and to help those new to the Triangle i.e. learning a new way of worship.

Service Review: 29th May 2016

Our preacher this morning was Miss Eve Crassweller who reminded us that her last visit was in 2014 on the occasion of only the second service in our then new building.

Our first hymn was “God is here as we his people…” The Music Group provided accompaniment and lead our singing.

Service Review: 22nd May 2016

Our Preacher for the day, Peter Green, opened the service by reading Psalm 8, a Psalm to Gods Glory as Creator.

After our first hymn,"How great Thou. art," Peter gave the children's address, posing four questions whose answers would each have earned a Doctorate in Theology; for example, "Why did God create mosquitos?"

Food In The Desert? Try Manna And Quail

Revd. Jennifer McKenzie was our speaker and she began explaining the plight of the Israelite community out of Egypt and leaving Jerusalem. God would provide food for them, manna in the morning and meat at night. God wanted them to trust Him and live their life in trust.

This was her lead into a step forward in time, for the people of Israel when they were conquered by the Babylonians and many were taken as captives to Babylon.

Burma Talk

Burma, or Mynamar as it is now sometimes known, is a place that the west has not known much about due to the military government that ran the country for much of the 20th Century.

However, Burma is opening itself up to tourists from across the world thanks to the election of more moderate leaders such as Aung San Suu Kyi.

Service Review: 15th May 2016

The morning service was led by Revd. Hilary Howarth and an Anglican 'Authorised Local Ordained Minister' (ALM) called Adrian Yapp.

It was nice to have such a wide variety of different readers etc, which were predominantly young people. There was a children's talk which started out with the preacher taking a bite of a chocolate bar, because he'd missed his breakfast!

Drumroots Workshop

Rome was our leader for the session, and introduced us to the traditional West African music, song and dance using drums and other instruments to create rhythm with our hands, beating out fast ,slow, loud and quiet tunes, and soon we were all playing together.

The session lasted two hours with a break for a drink and then we swapped around so we could try a different instrument.

The Unconditional Love of Christ

Sunday 8th May. Despite the dire forebodings of the weather forecasters, this was a golden morning - a heartening example of God 1, Met Office nil!

Visiting The Triangle with the message that God's love has no strings was Mrs Gail Danks, one of the newer members of our Lay Preacher team.

Service Review: 1st May 2016

Who Is My Neighbour?: The theme of Rev.Hilary's service this week was 'Love Thy Neighbour' - one of Jesus' most important commandments.

It might sound simple but it is probably the most difficult challenge we all face in our daily lives. At its most extreme, how are we supposed to love people who would do us harm - by bomb, bullet, torture or rape?

Plant and Book Sale: 30th April 2016

Thank you to everyone who supported this event with their donations and purchases.

In addition to our plants and books we sold homemade cakes in the coffee lounge. Chris Brooks also sold her handmade jewellery.

MWiB Report

11 members of the Bolton and Rochdale MWiB recently attended a weekend conference entitled ‘Finding our Voice: Heritage, Gender and Story’ at Swanwick, Derbyshire.

It was an uplifting and thoroughly enjoyable experience shared by 250 women of all ages.

Service Review: 24th April 2016

This morning we welcomed Mr Michael Hawksworth who was making his first visit to ‘The Triangle’. His theme was love and it became apparent that he has spent many years working with United Mission to Nepal (UMN).

Junior church members were invited to look at a series of large colour prints showing groups of people.

FFF: Breakfast on the Beach

Mrs. Chris.Hulse was our speaker at last night’s Food, Faith Fellowship and the topic was “Breakfast on the Beach”.

There are lots of references to food in the gospels and sitting around with friends and having food is very relaxing.

This was the first time Jesus had met his disciples since his resurrection.

Service Review: 6th March

On a beautiful Sunday morning with a full church we began our service with " O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder", followed by Sean and Matsa Muchenje leading the Opening Prayers and Lord's Prayer.

Nicole told us about her forthcoming trip to Borneo with Camp International for a month where she will be seeing orangutans’ wild life, helping in the community living very basically in long traditional houses.

Stolen Lives

Those of you who missed Paul Field's presentation about 'Stolen Lives' last Saturday night missed a wonderfully thought- provoking and entertaining evening.

Not surprisingly, after 40 years as a singer/songwriter, Paul is the consummate professional. His songs are beautifully sung and all contain messages about life's journey.

Service Review: 6th March

The service was led by Mr Jim Hodgkinson . The call to worship was 'well,well,well fancy that' which would be explained further in the service.

We sang the hymn 'This joyful Eastertide.' Brian led the prayers which was concluded with the Lord's prayer with the 'message words' after each sentence, which makes you think more deeply about the meaning of the prayer.

Junior Church & Joseph

Our party of 13 children and 5 adults met at Bolton Railway Station and travelled to Oxford Road Station in Manchester.

A brief pause was made for group photographs before we all went into the Opera House Theatre and took our centre circle seats.

The Space Between

Steph Shipley's talk on the Space Between which took place last Friday.

60 people came to listen to Steph and then it was followed by afternoon tea. Pictures included below:

Service Review: 6th March

Sunday 3rd April 2016 – Led by Rev. Hilary Howarth. The friendly hubbub amongst the congregation was briefly roused as Hilary commenced the service by reminding us that this was the 2nd Sunday in Easter and to suggest everyone greet their counterparts with a warm “good morning.”

This raised smiles and spirits as the band launched into the first hymn – ‘See what a Morning’.

Service Review: 6th March

On this great day of rejoicing and celebration in our Christian Calendar, the 'early birds' of the 6.45am Sunrise Service were joined by the rest of the congregation, many having enjoyed the breakfast served at 9.00am.

Our Service opened with the choir singing 'In the tomb so cold they laid Him', which was followed by the call to worship by our Minister for the day, Reverend Keith Jump.

Sunrise Service: Easter Sunday

Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday at 6.45am. About a dozen of us managed to get up even though the clocks had gone forward an hour to meet at Howell Wood car park off Scout road for the Sunrise Service, the weather was dry but very cold and windy.

Hilary led the service beginning with call to Worship "Sing to the LORD a new song, for he has done marvellous things; his right hand and his holy arm have worked salvation for him". Psalm 98:1

Good Friday Walk

Some 16 members went on an enjoyable circular walk around Hawkshaw having had lunch in the school room.

This followed the joint Good Friday Service for churches of Birtenshaw, Hawkshaw and The Triangle.

Lexie & Chris's Wedding

On Saturday the 19th our first wedding at the Triangle took place.

Lexie Parkington and Chris Dando, two members of our church family, were married. We wish them all the very best as they start out on their new life as husband and wife.

Quiz Night: 18th March

A most enjoyable evening was had by all . Our comperes Steve and Phil did a superb job as usual.

We had to get our thinking heads on with the quiz , bingo and trying to identify famous landmarks around the area, sayings and film stars.

Service Review: 6th March

Palm Sunday: Sunday 20th March 2016 was a special service for a number of reasons.

It was Palm Sunday, the day one week before Easter when Jesus rode triumphantly into Jerusalem on a donkey. He was proclaimed as the Prince of Peace, and the excited crowds laid down palm leaves to mark his path.

FFF: A Passover Meal

Introduction: The following texts can be used during a meal, as an event in its own right, or as a preface to Holy Communion.

A Passover meal is valuable in helping people to understand the link between Passover and Holy Communion, and the truths which lie behind the rituals and ceremonies of the two events.

Service Review: 6th March

As I waited for the service to start on this lovely sunny morning, I was again struck by the ambience of our church – no hushed reverence before the service, just a lovely buzz of conversation as friends greeted each other.

In fact the steward introducing the visiting preacher had to wait a moment for the buzz to die down – a lovely indication of the warmth and convivial atmosphere of our place of worship.

Service Review: 6th March

Lent 4. Mothering Sunday: As the sun streamed through the beautiful stained glass windows, our service began with the hymn 'Who is on the Lord's side?'

This set the theme for the morning, Choices. In her sermon. Rev. Hilary reminded us that from the moment we wake each day we have choices to make, and decisions will follow.

Robin Jones Meets Revd. Hilary Howarth

Eleven year old Robin Jones, a member of the Triangle Junior Church, recently completed a project in Religious Studies at Canon Slade High School, Bolton, entitled, "My Church Loves God and Others".

Part of his story of The Triangle included an interview with our Minister, Revd Hilary Howarth. Here's what she told him...

Service Review: 28th February

On the 3rd Sunday of Lent, as we move step by step towards Easter, we were reminded once more by Jeff Millington about Peter's denial of Christ.

This was a reminder to us all of our human failing's when we are called to stand up for what we believe in. What was more remarkable about Peter's story was his transformation once he had seen the risen Christ - that he would go on the be the 'rock' on which the early Christian Church was built and pay the ultimate price for his faith.

A Lenten Baptism

Baptisms are such happy occasions, aren't they - a new life and a new journey to celebrate!

The baptism of Mia Ruby Rose Worsley by our Minister, Revd Hilary Howarth, at a packed All-Age Triangle Worship on Sunday (21st Feb) was no exception. Boxes of crayons and "things to do" were on hand for young members of the congregation with a short attention span but, in the event, they weren't needed.

Food, Faith & Fellowship


In our new series of FFF’s based on feasts, faith and fellowship, it may seem odd but the first one in the series was not only NOT a feast, there was no food whatsoever, as we consider the 40 days of Jesus being in the wilderness. So no food, complete fasting.

Service Review: 7th February

"My refuge, my place of safety..." (Psalm 91: v1-2). Phil Evans led our worship which continues the Lenten journey from tragedy to triumph as Jesus is enticed in the wilderness to succumb to the temptations of the devil.

Phil constructed a compelling evocation of the struggle between right and wrong, 'the babble in our heads’ that we experience as we too are tempted by the distractions and attractions of everyday life.

Service Review: 7th February

How Great Is Our God: After a few wet, windy days Sunday 7th Feb dawned bright and clear allowing as many as will to come to Worship God at The Triangle Community Methodist Church.

As lent approaches we thought about what we were going to sacrifice for those 40 days. Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice, his life, so that we will be saved.

The Gospel of John - The Jews Call For Jesus’ Crucifixion

John’s Gospel can be seen as ‘a handbook for others’ and John is trying to make the story of wider interest in order to bring more people to the story.

The clincher in this story is when The Mob accuse Jesus of trying to set himself up as a rival to Cesar and although this doesn’t make Pilate angry it does make him worry about what might happen if Cesar got to hear of this.

Gospel Choir Review :: The Triangle Community Church :: Bolton

A very enjoyable evening was spent listening to the Millennium Gospel Choir who have been singing spiritual and gospel music for 11years under the direction of Robert Wilding.

They sung a variety of songs including:

Open Day at The Triangle Community Church

Week 9: In these chapters Jesus is asking God to help his disciples when he is no longer around. For Jesus was well aware of his mortality and knew that he wouldn’t be around forever.

If you read only Matthew, Mark and Luke you would have one particular view of the prayer that Jesus offers up to God.

Open Day at The Triangle Community Church

Week 8: Chapters 13-17 seem to be a set ‘The Whole of the Last Supper’. The phrase ‘a little while’ crops up many times within these verses and is a big sticking point with the disciples and constantly ask “What does he mean, ‘a little while’.

Jesus reminds them that ‘he is the vine and they are the branches’ and through them the spirit of Jesus and God can grow, like the grape on the vine.

Service Review: 31st January

Sarah Booth taking the service. We were welcomed with the beautiful music of ‘One Love’ being played – The Unconditional Love of Christ.

Brian our worship leader opened the service with a call to worship and opening prayers with Catriona joining him.

Service Review: 9th August 2015

The service was led by Reverend Anne Cash. Our first hymn was “Father, we love you, we worship and adore you”.

After prayers of adoration and confession, Brian Smith (our Worship Leader) addressed the children. Today was Education Sunday and Homelessness Sunday. Next, our Praise Song was “Colours of the Day” and the children joined in enthusiastically with flag waving.

First Friday

"First Friday" is a relatively new meeting that has started in church. it is held on the first Friday of each month (easy to remember) from 1.30pm -3.00pm.

We meet, have a good chat and a laugh and it is a thoroughly enjoyable time. Over tea and cakes we may have a discussion etc, and would love to have you join us.

Service Review: 9th August 2015

What a lively service – led by Mark and Sue. The service began by singing “Tell out my Soul”.

A series of pictures of footprints left in sand were shown. The congregation were able to Identify, dog, seagull, horse, elephant and snake. Even the final picture was identified as that of Neil Armstrong, made on the moon, this of course will be permanent, not washed away. Hence the theme of ‘leaving your mark’ became clear.

Open Day at The Triangle Community Church

In this week’s readings Jesus appears to be preparing the way, by dropping hints about his death. It may seem odd that the disciples didn’t know what was going on, but when you read the words again and again it strikes us that you can forgive the disciples for not getting what Jesus was on about for his words are quite vague.

He never actually spelt out the words “I am going to be put to death.”

Open Day at The Triangle Community Church

Week 6: Chapter 12 is about the light of understanding and the darkness of failing to grasp what was right in front of them. Jesus shows that in order for the new grain to grow, the old grain has to die.

This is another analogy of Jesus’s death and resurrection. It is interesting to note that Martha calls Jesus ‘Lord’.

Service Review: 9th August 2015

The Triangle opens its doors with a welcome to warm the bones and fill the heart on a chilly Bolton morning. Young and old mix with ease mid the natter of week old gossip as Christmas fades to memory.

Retired 15 years too early, Reverend Brian Ashbury leads our service in familiar style, to remind us all that tomorrow never comes. “Live for today”, “Live in the Present” Today is a gift (present) from God.

Job Vacancy - Youth Development Worker

The Triangle Community Methodist Church is a welcoming, family orientated mission church in Bolton.

We are looking for someone who will work with us who has passion and expertise in developing our mission and ministry to young people aged 11 – 18.

What Did You Give For Christmas?

Thank you to everyone who gave to the various charitable causes we supported this Christmas. Your gift, no matter how large or small, has made a difference to someone else’s life.

This is what we as a church family gave:

Christmas Dinner On Jesus

At Urban Outreach in Bolton, volunteers from all over Bolton came to help pack hampers, doing 400 each day over three days including crackers and party hats.

Then 1200 bags of fresh vegetables over two days and for distribution on a couple of days before Christmas, bringing some joy into the lives of people who were struggling this Christmas.

Service Review: 9th August 2015

As we all recover from our Christmas excesses and endeavour to make New Year resolutions we shall invariably break, we were given a stark reminder by Rev. Hilary at our Covenant Service of how hard it is to live a true Christian life.

Nevertheless, we all need to equip ourselves for the daily challenges that lie ahead by inviting God to show us the way.

Service Review: 25th December

Christmas morning was a lovely service. There was a wide array of Christmas jumpers on display.

Carols and bible reading were really nice. The lighting of the candle was special. Everybody had chance to show their presents, these varied from dolls to an oven glove.

Sermon Review: 27th December

The Gospel reading referred to Jesus when he was 12 being in the Temple and getting left behind.

It was such a jump from Celebrating Jesus just having been born, that the reading taken from Colossians was used as the basis of the sermon......let the Word richly dwell within you.

A Gift Of An Evening

The Christmas Story, as John Betjeman so memorably put it, is 'the most tremendous tale of all'. But, how to tell it afresh?

That's the challenge! Our Minister, Revd. Hilary Howarth had the answer on Sunday evening (20th Dec). Tell it with gifts - 8 intriguing parcels, hidden earlier in chair backs, to unwrap between the carols.

Rock Nativity :: 13th December 2015 :: Triangle Community Methodist Church :: Bolton

This anticipated service was attended to overflowing by our regular Congregation, friends and family of the children and by folk who simply wanted to be there.

The service opened with a welcome and Call to Service by Brian Smith, with the lighting of the Advent Candles for Advent 3 led by Matsa and Sean Muchenje.

The Gospel Of John :: Disciple Course

On Monday 16th November 2015 Rev Hilary Howarth began the first of a series of discussions on the Gospel of John. This week we looked at the first chapter of John.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.

Toy Service 2015

We were blessed with yet another uplifting service given by Hilary today. As it was the 2nd Sunday in Advent the service started with the advent liturgy and the lighting of the candles.

During the service we were also treated to a prayer written and read by one of our younger members Robin Jones.

FFF: 18th November

It was an amazing night to hear the work of Urban Outreach from Dave Bagley. One thing which stands out was the fact that it that some people don't have a great deal in life, such as outlook on life is limited and they don;'t have the opportunities.

It is not just about money. helping people is about life not money, Jesus said to "bind the broken hearted and set the captives free...."

Winter Praise

Winter Praise took place this year at Triangle Community Church on the 22nd November 2015

You can find the Order Of Service, photos and the readings below.

Service Review: 9th August 2015

For yesterday's service at the Triangle we were pleased to welcome back Gail Danks who focussed on a now familiar theme as we seek to expand our church & mission: 'Our Calling - What can we offer?'.

Taking her theme from God's calling to Samuel, she challenged us to 'do our bit' for his ministry.

Craft Fair At The Triangle Community Church :: Bolton

It all started about 9 months ago when we were asked by the creative group to come up with ideas for a creative activity within the church, & I suggested a proper craft fair might be worth a try.

The idea was accepted and the work started to bring it into fruition and priority was given to the many creative people we have regularly attending The Triangle.

Service Review: 9th August 2015

"Feels like something good's coming my way..." The Triangle was bursting at the seams again as we prepared for the special service of membership for our precious youngsters Nicole Kugler, Catriona Gorton and Tobias Read.

Pianist Mark Guenault played keyboards as we arrived and the video rap set the mood for an energetic and packed morning of worship, confirmation and communion.

Brownie Cake Sale

On the 10th November 2015, the Brownies Cake Sale raised £100 for Children in Need.

Click on 'read more' below to see the photos from this fantastic fundraiser!

First Friday Group at The Triangle COmmunity Methodist Church Bolton

Today we met for the first time, there were around 15 ladies of varying ages (sadly no men as yet).

We broke the ice over cups of tea and delicious cakes, then enjoyed a nostalgic game of "Tell Me".

Service Review: 9th August 2015

What makes a great party? Friends, a guest celebrity, an enormous cake and, above all, a big occasion to celebrate!

We had all of these at The Triangle on the 1st November, as we celebrated 'Invite a Friend Sunday,' plus our first Anniversary!

Service Review: 9th August 2015

For our service on 25th October we were pleased to welcome our Superintendent Minister, Rev. Jennifer McKenzie to lead us in worship.

By using the story of Bartimaeus, the blind man whose sight Jesus restored, she exhorted us to seek an active engagement with God.

FFF Talk: 'Love' - Fruits of the Spirit

Introduction – God’s Donuts: I thought we’d start with a funny, but true story. An overweight man decided it was time to lose some weight.

He informed his work colleagues that he was going on a diet and that he would no longer be bringing donuts to the office.

Murder Mystery Evening

The Murder Mystery Evening on Friday 16th October was held at Astley Bridge Cricket Club.

A most enjoyable evening was had by all, £283 was raised and a special thanks to Don and "the play he wrote!"

Service Review: 9th August 2015

A few thoughts & observations on yesterday's service.

Today's service continued the theme of "Welcoming" which was demonstrated from the outset by Eddie & Annie Scowcroft who were being baptised, as they welcomed their family & friends with hugs & kisses before showing them to their seats.

Service Review: 9th August 2015

The service was led by Graham Smith, a Local preacher based at Harwood Methodist Church. After the first hymn he asked the members of Junior Church if they had a favourite toy.

There was a brief discussion of teddy’s name but the X-box was a clear winner. A favourite colour was also mentioned, but we are reminded that Jesus should be a clear favourite.

Shoebox Christmas Appeal

Tens of thousands of these boxes have been sent to children and families in many countries in Eastern Europe: Romania, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo and Croatia.

The boxes are collected by our local Rotary representative and taken to the Warehouse where they arrange delivery either overland or by a sea container to the families.

Service Review: 9th August 2015

The Triangle will be celebrating its first anniversary on 1st November and since we came together observers often say just how warm, friendly and welcoming the church is.

The theme of the today’s service underpinned that welcoming trait and through the Rev. Hilary we were reminded that all are welcome in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Service Review: 9th August 2015

"Do" and "Don’t" - two of the first words that babies learn to understand along with ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

It says a lot about human nature that even though we understand them both equally well, we seem to ignore ‘don’t’ and allow ourselves to do things which are not what God would want us to do.

Celebration Meal

Our Celebration Meal was held at Walmsley Unitarian Chapel, a buffet meal supplied by Walton the Caterers and that was fantastic.

We had a beetle drive and quiz afterwards thanks to Joyce, Norman and Don who organised these, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Service Review: 9th August 2015

Harvest Sunday and All Age Worship led by our Minister, Reverend Hilary Howarth, including the baptism of Thomas Elliot Dempster.

The theme of today’s service was “God’s precious gift of water”. The Church was filled to overflowing again with many guests from the Baptismal party adding to our regular congregation.

FFF: 16th September 2015

After sharing fellowship over a meal, Revd. Paul Hardingham continued our theme on Fruits of the Spirit this month’s ‘ being "Faithfulness" (Galatians Chap. 5 v.22-23.)

He began by telling a story about a young man who was out of work and applied for a job at the zoo. The Gorilla at the zoo had just died and was the only gorilla in the zoo. The young man applied for the job which was to put on a gorilla’s outfit and pretend to be the gorilla.

The President's Visit

Some weeks ago, in an email to my husband, who happens to be Chair of District, the President said of the Triangle, “Wow this looks an amazing community ….bless the Triangle - lets see more of it in Methodism”

We were honoured to have Rev Steve Wild the President of Conference, at the Triangle on Saturday 5th September.

Service Review: 9th August 2015

The theme of the service was, ‘Let your light shine’.

It is a fact that many people do not realise their full potential in achieving what they could achieve in life, whether that be at school, at home, in the workplace or in life in general.

Service Review: 9th August 2015

Choice and Commitment was the theme for worship on Sunday 23rd August. A lively opening hymn ‘Give me Joy in my heart’ set the scene for a lively service.

The members of Junior Church were invited to declare their breakfast choice, ranging apparently from cornflakes, through bacon and eggs to the real favourite, sausage and beans!

Presidential Message

Dear Friends, “When the LORD brought back his exiles to Jerusalem, it was like a dream!” Psalm 126:verse 1.

This Psalm is out of context but the whole of the Methodist Conference seems ‘like a dream’. Oddly I don't feel as pressurised as I did as the President Designate, mind you it is a big thing to prepare for the Conference and my two months’ Sabbatical, which had a focus on prayer and praying for Methodism, was sometimes exhausting but very enriching.

Service Review: 9th August 2015

Siya’ hamba, hamba. Siyahamba...

No, we haven’t got a problem with the Triangle’s laptop! These are the words of the Afrikaans hymn, ‘Teach me to Dance’ which, together with ’We are marching in the power of God’, kicked off our Family service on the 16th August.

Service Review: 9th August 2015

Our preacher today was Jeff Millington. Brian Smith and Nathaniel Read lead the opening prayers.

This was followed by the Children’s address – “Things don’t last”. The children joined in enthusiastically with their suggestions. Whatever in life may not last – holidays, toys,etc…- God and his Word will always be with us.

New Members at The Triangle Community Church

There was a wonderful atmosphere at yesterday's service as a packed Church witnessed the introduction of 24 new members.

This remarkable number is testimony to the strong growth and attraction of the Triangle during its first year and to the 'welcoming' nature of our congregation - long may this continue!

'Kindness' - Fruits Of The Spirit

The fourth of the current series, in June, of our Food, Faith and Fellowship meetings was on Wednesday 17th when the Revd. Carolyn Lawrance shared her thoughts with us on Patience/Forbearance.

After her general introduction, Carolyn 'subjected' us to the 'Patience Quiz'! She gave us a set of situations and asked for our normal response:

'Kindness' - Fruits Of The Spirit

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control" (Galatians 5:22-23).

"Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you" (Ephesians 4:32).

"But when the kindness and love of God our Saviour appeared, He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of His mercy" (Titus 3:4-5)

Service Review: 9th July 2015

As I sat and waited for the service to begin, I found myself appreciating the atmosphere of our new church more than I had ever done before.

This was a church with things going on. There was a buzz about the place, friends greeting each other, catching up on how things were going; apprehensive new faces being greeted as new friends.

Finding Our Voice - Dr Jill Barber

Mr President, members of Conference and guests, friends. I have been enormously touched, and humbled, by the number of people who have said they will be praying for me as I prepare to take up the privilege and responsibility of serving as your Vice President in the coming year.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and please keep on praying!

Presidential Message

Greetings to Bolton from new President of the Methodist Conference Revd. Steve Wild

This is a huge honour and privilege to serve you in this post. Thank you! The first thing I want to do publicly is to thank Almighty God for his great grace and faithfulness to me.

I want to say with the Apostle Peter “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” (1 Peter ch 1 v 3 ).

Service Review: 5th July 2015

Last Sunday July 5th, Rev. Fraser Smith led our worship and service of communion. He is a great orator and his service of God's love through the message Jesus taught his followers contained many anicdotes which kept us attentive and amused.

The sermon was based on the two well read biblical readings of Philippians Ch.2: 1-11- Joy in Serving - Imitating Christ's Humility and Mark Ch.6: 1-13.Jesus Caring for others!

Methodist Conference: Southport 2015

I was privileged to be able to join in part of Methodist conference this year for the first time in 15 years. Unfortunately I wasn't around for the exciting discussion about the Constitution and the budget! What I did see was the inauguration of our new President, Steve Wild and Vice President, Jill Barber.

Steve is known best for his strong evangelical views and his sense of humour.

Junior Church Anniversary

Sunday 21st June - Led by Rev Ian Smart, a very lively service which included two new hymns. The first one ‘Jumping all over the place’ was a bit chaotic, with the children singing ‘Oo na na na’ and the adults singing the verses. Second time through we managed it!

Ian then introduced his theme ‘God is with us’. He may ask us to do difficult things that can be rather scary, and explained how we must help each other.

Service Review: 7th June 2015

This Sunday’s service was organised by members of the Triangle Church, with no formal Minister or Local Preacher leading.

The Welcome to the service and Call to Worship was led by Geoff Sutcliffe. It was so good to see Geoff back at the pulpit again, after an absence of some 18 months and he certainly took the opportunity with his customary uplifting enthusiasm.

Service Review: 7th June 2015

On Sunday, we were pleased to welcome back our good friend, Rev. Anne Cash, to lead us in Worship & Holy Communion.

Anne's clear and reassuring style is always a pleasure to listen to. Her theme was 'How to deal with conflict?' and today's fractured world is certainly in need of some urgent answers.

'Peace' - Fruits Of The Spirit

Galatians 5:22-23 - The Fruit of the Spirit.

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against such things. This evening we’re on our third in the series “The fruit of the Holy Spirit” and we’re looking at peace.

Service Review: Pentecost 2015

As significant to Christians as Christmas or Easter, Pentecost marks the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples, in preparation for the work that lay ahead of them.

A violent wind filled the house and tongues of fire came to rest on each of them.

Mrs Jane Close (LP), leading our service, described it as “a day when joy and comfort flowed”.

Plant & Book Sale

On Saturday we had our plant and book sale and we raised £650.

You can see more photos from this event by clicking on 'Read More' below.

Service Review: 10th May 2015

Today it was lovely to see the Brownies in Church. We liked how Hilary engaged with Brownies and young people in the service.

The worship was good, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. It was wonderful to see the Brownies interacting and answering questions.

Alpha Course Report

Well, it's happened – the first Alpha Course we have run as our new church society of 'The Triangle'!

Eight weekly meetings and one 'Away Day' – not very far away as we were at the Barrow Bridge Mission Church, a refurbished and lovely building in peaceful surroundings.

Service Review: 10th May 2015

Choices: A friendly welcome to old and new faces in search of a choice seat begins our worship.

Chatter descends to murmur then silence as we are reminded of Christian Aid Week and the choices we can make to change the lives of others less fortunate.

Service Review: Easter Day

The theme today was – Jesus loves you, yes even you!.

It was illustrated through the one year old, Ella-Rose. Although she was too young to know about her ‘special day’ when all her family and friends had gathered to witness her baptism.

'Joy' - Fruits Of The Spirit

The second of our monthly Food,Faith and Fellowship meetings took place this week on Wednesday 15 th of April.

The meeting began as usual with a shared meal which everyone enjoyed. The theme was the Fruits of the Spirit and this month, we thought about Joy.

Service Review: Easter Day

This Easter day service was a day of great significance.

Significance, not just as an important date in the Church Calendar, but as a landmark for the Triangle Church, signifying our first Easter day in our new building.

Sermon Review: 30th March 2015

After the service at Hawkshaw a number of those attending had lunch in the school hall.

In spite of the weather 15 members and a dog from Rev Hilary's three churches braved the weather and went for what has now become the traditional walk.

Our first Maundy Thursday Service in our new home an what a moving and provoking service.

It was taken like a tableau with all the important elements made real on three small tables in front of the communion rails.

Sermon Review: 22nd March 2015

Recently appointed local preacher Gail Danks was our preacher this Sunday (30th March 2015).

She brought our attention to a striking habit that the English have of supporting a team when they are doing well but switching allegiance when a team is not doing so well.

Sermon Review: 22nd March 2015

It’s a very British thing that so many comedy sketches and stand-up routines have been written about funerals.

Many more than about weddings. Is this because in the British culture we use comedy as a way of showing death that we are not afraid? But we ARE afraid.

FFF Talk: 'Love' - Fruits of the Spirit

Tonight's session is the first in series of talks on the topic of the Fruits of the Spirit.

These attributes are described by St Paul in his letter to the Galatians. So before we explore tonight’s subject of love, I thought we might first look at Fruits of the Spirit, what they are and what St Paul was describing.

Memories Of Last Sunday

Sitting thoughtfully in our Preacher’s architectural dream, new faces meet young and old.

Busy parents entice their offspring with toys and teddies to be on time as the “last second” door closes to a busy world.

Wingates Band Performance

Last Saturday night the Triangle Church staged its first major public event since it opened at the end of last year and what better way to celebrate this occasion than to invite the internationally-acclaimed Wingates Band to perform for us.

And they certainly did not disappoint!

Quiz Night

A good night was had at our quiz on Friday evening.

Steve and Phil compered the evening, starting with Bingo then general questions on different subjects.

On Sunday 15th February, a congregation of over 130 enjoyed Brian Smith leading our All Age Worship.

On the subject of LOVE - the Service also saw a welcome return of the sun beaming in through our magnificent stained glass windows!

The Week Ahead

We've got a packed mailing for you today - and it looks like a great week for radio and telly, too.

Don't forget to check out our podcast with David Oyelowo, star of Selma. I will be staffing the out-of-hours support line this week (07881783812). Wishing you all a wonderful week, Anna.

Pizza Praise Faith Supper

The evening of Sunday 8th February saw The Triangle Church host the 2nd of what we hope will be many successful Faith Suppers.

The first had been a ‘bring and share’ evening. This one was entitled ‘Pizza Praise’.

This style of worship is deliberately different from the Sunday morning style and so far seems to be proving very popular with people of all ages.

Peter Green LP is always going to make us think. Often it’s pleasant thoughts that make us feel good, but sometimes, as he did on Sunday 8th February he made us take a serious, reflective, look at what it means to be a Christian.

Can Christians really ‘heal’ people in the way Jesus did? Well, what we can do is to follow Jesus’s example and follow the law of God and to pray, to listen and to respond to what God is calling us to do and to be.

Labels. They help us to know what is in each tin and bottle in our cupboards. They help us to know what we are buying and how much it costs. Badge labels help us to know who we are talking to.

This was just one of the topics covered on Sunday 18th January.

A Celebration Of A 230 Year Old Connection

No wonder members of the recently-opened Triangle Community Methodist Church on Chorley Old Road are excited.

There's the prospect of the internationally-renowned Wingates Band performing there on Saturday 28th February.

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men

Candy canes, ’The Twelve Days of Christmas’, ‘Wise Guys from the East’, a prayer chain and a South African folk song!

Ingredients in the Triangle’s All-Age Carol Service on Sunday (21st December), interlaced with ancient songs dating back to the Middle Ages.

New Initiative Group Meeting

Advent 2014 was fast approaching and the New Initiative Group were reminded that unlike the previous few years we actually had a church that we could use whenever WE wanted to use it.

Ideas came thick and fast but we soon decided to do a ‘bring and share’ Christmas faith supper.

Sharples School Visit

Sharples School Choir and Band came to the Coffee Lounge and sang carols and played their instruments.

Click "Read More" below to view the photo's from this special visit>

Nursery Presentation

Colin Nelson and Ann Massey went back to Chorley Old Road to present bouquets of flowers to the owners of the Nursery, Janet Kirkman and Bev Perkins.

Colin and Ann thanked them for accommodating members of Astley Bridge, Halliwell, Delph Hill and Chorley Old Road in their building for the last four years as the 4 congregations came together to worship.

14th December 2014 - The Junior Church told the story of The First Nativity with enthusiasm and energy.

We had all ages from a tiny baby up to teenagers. We had the usual cast including a donkey and a sheep which persisted in losing its head.

Christmas Toy Service at The Triangle Community Church

A packed Triangle Church at today's service saw children and members of all ages donating generously to the Christmas Toy Appeal.

Their contributions were warmly welcomed by the local Bolton Lions Coordinator, John Proctor, who assured everyone that the toys were urgently needed and would be greatly appreciated by children across the town.

Folk Evening & Coffee Morning

Thank you to all those who supported these two events. The folk evening was very enjoyable.

Particular thanks to Jamie for organising the event and to his friends from The Bromley Cross Folk Club.

It would be easy to assume we know it back to front, upside down and from every conceivable angle.

Following the 1st of the Triangle’s Nativity Series it was obvious to everyone that there is a very human story underlying the highlights we know so well.

In the evening over 260 people attended our final celebrations of the Dedication and Open weekend with a "Songs of Praise" and recognition of local preacher Mrs.Gail Danks.

Our minister Revd. Hilary Howarth opened the service and Revd. Jennifer McKenzie gave the address.

Opening Weekend at The Triangle Community Church

Around a thousand people gathered last weekend to celebrate the opening of the new Triangle Community Methodist Church.

The new Triangle Community Methodist Church, situated on Chorley Old Road celebrated as over 500 people came to have a look round on the Open Day on Saturday 1st November and another 250 attended each of the Dedication and Songs of Praise services on Sunday 2nd.

The First Triangle Community Church Service

A day of joy, a day of celebration, a day of delight as the congregation of the Triangle met together in their home for the first time.

For those many members who have been closely involved in the physical aspects of this great project it was also a day of great relief,

Open Day Information

Saturday 1st November. Below you will see some of the things that are planned for today.

In the Worship Area there will be performances by invited community groups as well as our own praise band.

On Sunday 12th October Rev. Hilary Howarth conducted the last service at Chorley Old Road Methodist Church – bringing to an end 122 years of Methodist worship and social activity on the site.

As the Congregation filled the Church, we were joined by some past members who had moved on to pastures new and the usual warm, inclusive greeting was given to all.

We have raised £85.51 from the Red Bucket for the Water Aid Harvest Appeal.

This is a wonderful amount which will help to transform lives by providing clean water in villages so that their people no longer die from drinking dirty water, thank you so much.

There will be NO coffee mornings for the next 2 weeks as we get the new church and Café ready for use.

See you in the new Café. Rita.

Red Bucket Appeal at The Triangle Community Church

During this month we are raising funds for WATER AID HARVEST APPEAL.

Please see the notice board for more details about Water Aid. Thank you Sheila Richardson.

Adam Jones: Ice Warrior

Adam Jones of our Young Church is training hard for the 2014-15 season with Blackburn Junior Hawks U-14 Ice Hockey team, just getting under way.

Once again he is sponsored by Don and Glennys Astley, and he would like to say a big "thank you" for their help with his playing expenses.

Latest FFF Meeting

Little can be better than sharing a meal with friends in fellowship.

Add ‘faith’ in the form of a short address or inspiring and thought-provoking talk, and it’s even better!

Harvest Festival 2014

‘All good gifts’ – NBMM’s Harvest celebration. Sunday 21st September, 2014. Led by our new minister, Revd Hilary Howarth, on only her second outing with us, this was a memorable All-Age service with a bountiful crop of anecdotes, toe-tapping tunes and many a thought-provoking moment.

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