Kids' Holiday Club Review

On Monday we held our first session of the holiday club this year, children of mixed ages running in and began playing, going to do the different activities ranging from jewellery to making badges, building colouring and of course finishing with the parachute games which they all love before we sang a song.

After saying a prayer all the children tucked into hotdogs, crisps followed by chocolate chip pancakes a penguin and drink, coming back for more till everything had gone.

Service Review 18th February 2018

Wow! That’s all I need to say really, this mornings service was one of the very best from Hilary as she led us through a service titled ‘Judas, good or bad?’

There were some great hymns both modern and traditional with an outstanding song that was brought to us by the screens during the offering, but let’s begin right at the opening of the service, we opened with the Lent Liturgy brought to us by Glen and Mandy Atkinson followed by the hymn ‘Hear the call of the kingdom’ with the band and the organ providing the music.

FFF Review: 14th Feb 2018

Last night was our first FFF of the new year and what a start to our new theme on "Villains" from the Bible.

47 people came to join us for the meal and share fellowship with one another.

Our speaker was Mrs. Olwen Baker and she talked about "Judas Iscariot", giving us different facts about him by starting with a quiz. Do you know the name of his father? What book in the NT tells the story in a different way? And there were 16 questions about him.

Service Review: 11th February 2018

The service was lead by Mr Richard Selby, a lay preacher in the Bury Circuit. He introduced himself and gave a brief overview of his work with the Message Trust.

The hymn ‘Light of the World’ followed which was accompanied by the Band.

Prayers, including the Lord’s Prayer, were then said.

Service Review: 4th February 2018

This morning’s Communion service was led by our Minister, Rev. Hilary Howarth. The call to worship reminded us that we come to hear, to know and to worship. Our opening hymn was “Have you heard God’s voice?.”

Chloe Fountayne led our opening prayers then Hilary and Chloe presented hoodies to the young people who were moving up from Junior church. Alicia, Letitia and Eddie received black hoodies with their initials and a Bible verse printed on them.

First Friday - An Off-Beat Record

An Off-Beat Record by Marjorie Blount - Moving from the dusty confines of Wigan’s Inland Revenue office, through the traumas of the artificial limbs for thalidomide children and achieving Nursing Student of the year, Marjorie went into the Police Force, much to her father’s delight.

Wigan Borough was eager to appoint a Police woman and from her first enquiries about the vacancy to her getting the job was only hours, medical checks and written exams included, this was the middle of the 1960s.

Service Review: 28th January 2018

This morning's service was taken by Dave Bagley of Urban Outreach, and having been welcomed by Joe Leighton we had a quiet reflection on Derek Clarke and Terry Pendlebury who, sadly, both died this week.

Dave then thanked the church for the regular support we give to Urban Outreach.

Service Review: 21st January 2018

Theme – Herod and his anger. Opening hymn was ‘Light up the world’ led by the praise band. The prayers that followed were led by Denis, Brian and Annie and were from the Methodist Church Handbook, mainly based on prayers written by children.

Addressing the theme 3 questions were posed; What makes you angry? Why? How do you show your anger? A picture of a scowling child was on the screens.

Come and See

We've got a soft spot for Jeff Millington at the Triangle. Jeff officiated at our very first service just over three years ago, making a little bit of Methodist history. Today he presided over a gentle, reflective hour-and-a-bit's worth on the theme, 'Come and See', drawn from the story of God's calling to Samuel in the Temple, (1 Samuel 3: 1-10.)

This account came from the dramatised Bible, our small cast including a very convincing God in the shape of our Worship Leader, Brian Smith.

Covenant Services can be, well let’s be honest, a tad boring and ‘wordy’ but not this Sunday, Hilary always gives us a cracking service and this one was no different.

The service was delivered in a serious but fun way, where we could confirm by our own Covenant (promise) to God as we were reminded of Gods promise to us that has remained the same throughout the centuries, He is ours and we are His.

Christmas Dinner On Jesus

Over the week of the 18th December a group of us from church went along to Urban Outreach to help prepare the Christmas Hampers.

The hampers are given out to struggling families and individuals in the community and contained everything they needed to have a traditional Christmas Dinner.


Miss Eve Crassweller led our morning service on the 31st December beginning with Call to Worship, followed by our first hymn "Christ is the world's light " then prayers, a word to the young people followed by "See him lying on a bed of straw".

The lesson was read by Fiona Gorton and Carolyn Haslam followed by a dialogue "Anna and Simeon" presented by Margaret Thompson and Roger Taylor.

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