Wiggle Walk

The Wiggle walk, like a caterpillar round Doffcocker Lodge, to help children in the UK - the Junior Church walked round the Lodge during the service.

They were fundraising for Action for Children (that supports vulnerable children and their families every year helping them towards safer and happier futures.)

First Friday Group - 3rd May 2019

"How I got to be where I am" - Jenny Whittle. Another well attended session and a feast of gloriously coloured artwork for our eyes and hearts.

An amply illustrated talk with Jenny’s beautiful pieces in clear view throughout, even displayed as members entered the Worship Area, destined to house the afternoon’s event.

Kids Holiday Club - February 2019

Today was Kids Club at The Triangle Church, there was a lot going on! The children (and adults) enjoyed many of the activities that were available to them.

Jewellery making, games, arts and crafts and much more....

The children had lots of fun and enjoyed socialising and making new friends.

First Friday Group: 1st Feb 2019

Though it was a cold sunny snowy afternoon, 21 people arrived at the First Friday group, ready for some fun.

Rome had driven over from Manchester with his car full of different types of drums and instruments for everyone to have a go and learn how to play - the Timba (Hand drum), Choaltto (shakeil), Agogo (bell), Surdo (bass drum), and the Snare Drum.

A six week course written by Dr Paula Gooder, and based on Jimmy McGovern’s screenplay.

This is a very interesting and thought-provoking course which challenges us to think about what it means to be a Christian in today’s society. Be warned, however, that the themes addressed by the series could be upsetting and personally challenging.


Talking to a friend last week I learnt that every year the people who compile the Oxford dictionary select a word of the year.

They do this by studying data showing how many times words have been looked up over the year and in 2018, there was a 45% increase in the number of times this particular word was researched, making it their outstanding choice.

President's Address

President's Address (Revd. Loraine N. Mellor ): I remember the first time I ever sang that hymn just used as a prayer introit on sermons Sunday. We sang it every year and one year my Sunday school teacher Mrs Wroe asked me to sing the middle verse as a solo. It soon became a firm favourite and still is.

Thank you Mrs Wroe I have much to thank you for, firstly for introducing me to God, for instilling in me a passion for Jesus, and for keeping it real, keeping faith so real so that I could encounter the Holy Spirit.

Vice President's Address

Vice President's Address (Jill Baker): I was travelling on a train - nothing unusual in that - a train from Fitzwilliam to Wakefield Westgate in Yorkshire. It was a full train and I was standing, as were many others. A few yards away from me stood a young woman who was not lurching around with the bending and braking of the train, but who was quietly rocking backwards and forwards on the balls of her feet.

She had long hair and I didn't immediately notice the ear phones she was wearing, but I did notice her elegance, her poise and a certain sense of peace which seemed to emanate from her.


On Sunday 2nd July we welcomed back Rev. Anne Cash whose theme was, coincidentally, 'Welcome' - and more specifically, 'Are we welcoming enough?'

This is of course a rather sensitive subject at the present time when we look at things like the UK's response to the Syrian Refugee crisis and the decision to leave the European Union in order to control migration (amongst other things).

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