Service Review: 20th May 2018

The service opened with a call to worship praising God for sending his son. The opening hymn, “From the breaking of the Dawn” followed.

Prayers, including the Lord’s Prayer, were read by Couvin and Ben.

Rev. Hilary introduced the congregation to the focus of the service which was Adam and Eve as “Villains” and Pentecost.

First Friday Review: 1st May 2018

Steve Maslivec "All in the Mind": Steve gave us a glimpse into the huge subject of Mental Health in the Community.

Pluto in 300bc had words to say on it and we heard how the Victorians dealt with people who did not conform to the "norm", up to Steve's own personal meetings with Mental Health patients in his role as a Hospital Manager for the Greater Manchester Hospital Trust.

Service Review: 13th March 2018

The Sunday service was led by Mrs Olwen Baker. The theme of the service was 'Live your Faith'. Our first hymn was the lovely song 'O for a thousand tongues'.

This was followed by the prayers and the Olwen addressed the young people. She started by asking them what day was last Thursday - Ascension day. She told them it meant going up, ascend. She asked the question to the young people, 'what do you do when you say goodbye?' They say goodbye, maybe wave.

Service Review: 6th May 2018

We began our service with call to worship the theme today is "THY KINGDOM COME" and our opening hymn was "All heaven declares". Ben and members of Junior church led the opening prayers, followed by Holy Communion.

The young people then left the service to go into their own classes. Our next Hymn was "What a friend we have in Jesus" which has very poignant words and a favourite with most people.

Service Review: 29th April 2018

I am the True Vine. Today's service was taken by Rev. Anne Cash and following the Welcome we sang Hymn 306 "Now the green blade rises".

Prayers were read by Couvin Musombwa. The children were then invited to the front to share "Altogether in worship" with Ben Latham. He talked about the need to keep connected to Jesus as, in modern life, we keep connected by powering up our phones and Ipads with chargers.

Service Review: 22nd April 2018

Our Service opened with the hymn 'Great is thy faithfulness,' followed by prayers of approach and the Lord's Prayer.

Reverend Mc Kenzie then invited all the children in the congregation to come forward and sit with her on the floor. On our large screen was a picture of a lollipop lady.

Rise Up Against Hunger

Rise Against Hunger, formerly Stop Hunger Now, is an international hunger relief non-profit organization that coordinates the packaging and distribution of food and other life-changing aid to people in developing nations.

On Saturday 14th April the Rotary arranged for meal pack of 35,000 meals to be packed at Sharples School, Bolton, in the Leisure Centre. There were two sessions one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Service Review: 15th April 2018

Theme: Jesus and the Religious Leaders The service opened with a short verse entitled ‘This is your Day’. Brian, Daisy and Olivia, led the prayers. We sang ‘At the name of Jesus’.

We were then shown a list of attributes possibly needed to make a good minister. I suggest that no one could achieve all these qualities except Jesus.

First Friday Meeting: 6th April

We certainly get to see some nice places in our Friday meeting. Today was one such place, Joyce Wiggans took us to Buckingham Palace to see her receive her MBE.

Joyce has 50 years of Guiding and charity work to her credit and it was a pleasure to enjoy with her special time with her guess at the palace.

Holiday Club

Holiday Club returned to The Triangle on Monday 9th April. Twenty children supported by a number of adults enjoyed a variety of activities during the morning. The children (and adults!) enjoyed table tennis, jewellery making, colouring, brick-building and lots more.

The activities concluded with the parachute game and singing whilst the room was prepared for lunch.

Service Review: 8th April 2018

This morning’s service was led by Mrs Sue Snowdon who reminded us, in the call to worship, to continue to celebrate Easter.

The first hymn ‘Thine Be the Glory’ included the line ‘No more we doubt Thee’ and this was the theme of the service. We were asked to imagine how the disciples would have felt in the upper room when they saw the risen Jesus in person.

Service Review: Easter Sunday

The Resurrection on trial: There's a special time, at the beginning of our Easter service at the Triangle, which moves me to tears.

One by one the Stewards remove from our wooden cross the symbols of Christ's betrayal, suffering and death - the cup, bag of money, whip, palms, bowl and towel, bread and wine, nails, crown of thorns and purple robe. In their place is put a crown of flowers, and blooms brought by our congregation.

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