Last Saturday night the Triangle Church staged its first major public event since it opened at the end of last year and what better way to celebrate this occasion than to invite the internationally-acclaimed Wingates Band to perform for us.

And they certainly did not disappoint!

A sell-out audience was treated to a superb programme of pieces representing their wide-range of styles and skills, expertly led by their conductor, Paul Andrews, which left us all wishing we could have heard more.

The evening also had a special significance for the Triangle and the Band as it commemorated a 230 year old connection. In April 1784, John Wesley visited both the Delph Hill and Wingates areas of the town within the same week during his travels across the country.

As a result of this Methodist Churches were built on both sites within the next 50 years. So we found ourselves standing (or sitting) on the site of the original Delph Hill Methodist Church listening to the band formed at Wingates Methodist Church 140 years ago. A true cause for celebration and one which John Wesley & the founders of the 2 Churches would have justifiably been proud of!

Thanks to all the Church members who helped to make this excellent evening such a success by assisting with the catering, raffle, sound & light and room preparation. We look forward to many more events of this calibre in the future. Stuart Whittle


Wingates Band

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