Soul Survivor Weekend

We have taken more young people than ever before to Soul Survivor this year and I am pleased to say that they all wish to return next year! I am also happy to say that we will have more from our Sunday School reach the age requirement to attend the trip and so we will have possibly have 15 of us go altogether in 2018.

We would wake up in the morning to share breakfast together. Some of them even balanced cereal on their knees whilst playing the ukulele... it was most impressive! After breakfast there was an option to fit in a seminar of their choice otherwise we would make our way to morning worship (approximately two hours long).

After worship all of the young people would grab their lunches, choosing from burger vans to fish and chips, from chocolate pancakes to Thai food. I even saw pasties tucked away in one of the shops but they were not the same as Carrs!

Then there were several seminars and activities to fill up the day - there were some lighter seminars that would discuss topics like identity and friendships, whereas there were deeper topics such as religious terrorism and why is there sin in the world? All young people had the timetable and information beforehand and they could choose which ones to attend.

But I found a lot of them had made there way to the sports grounds, playing football, basketball and even having a go on the inflatable obstacle course! Don't worry, we had no injuries but I believe Ben may have come out with a few bumps and bruises.

We then shared our evening meal together and would make our way to worship - after that we would gather together to drink our hot chocolates and discuss if some of young people would like to go to sessions such as the Silent Disco, UV Party or even catch a movie.

There is so much more that I could include in this feedback especially on how much fun the young people had. However, I would like to conclude with how our young people drew closer to God and how did the Holy Spirit move in our time spent in Soul Survivor.

One of our young people even went as far as to say 'there is no bullying allowed at Soul Survivor and I never heard a bad word said! You can tell it is a place full of love and I'd never felt that before'.

Isn't that amazing? They felt that they were in an environment where the Holy Spirit moved, they encountered the highest form of love - agape, and that they weren't faced with negativity or life's pressures.

Two of our young people, which I will not name as their testimonies will be shared with church in the near future, gave their lives to Christ. They best described their encounter as 'I knew of God and Jesus and their existence, but I felt a change in my heart that I made me realise He died for me and IS my Saviour'.

This clear journey from the head to the heart has completely transformed their way of thinking and relationship with Christ - we prayed for them both as a group and applauded their bravery to stand up in a crowd of near 5,000 when giving their lives to Christ.

Every evening we prayed together, leaving space for the Holy Spirit to move and for relationships to bond more deeply. It is in moments like this that we, the Triangle church, should feel so encouraged to see our young people draw closer to God and have their faith strengthened. They felt refreshed and transformed in ways that even I hope to see in my spiritual journey.

Thank you for taking the time to read this feedback and thank you for supporting us financially, emotionally and keeping us in your prayers whilst we were away.

Chloe Fountayne, youth development worker.

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