Service Review: Sunday 9th July

Our call to worship by our preacher Olwen Baker was followed by the first hymn.'Give me joy in my heart'. Our prayers of adoration, confession and the Lord's Prayer were led by two of the Triangle youth leaders Chloe and Ben and by two of our Junior School Nathaniel and Annie.

Brian Smith our Worship leader, then gave an address to the young and the 'young at heart' where he told us then Ben had been awarded the best actor for his part as lead role in the production of 'a few good men'. You could have almost imagined Tom Cruise doing his best to emulate Ben's performance.

Olwen then showed the 'Worship on Wednesday' banner, which adorned the front of the pulpit, to the children who had gathered around her. The banner was covered with sewn on cloth silhouettes of different people's hands. She asked the children which of them was hers. Then confessed that she couldn't remember which it was, to the amusement of the congregation.

Our second hymn was He's got the all world in his hands. The children then left for Sunday school.

The Old Testament reading was Zechariah chapter 9vs 9-12 and the Epistle was Romans chapter 7vs 7-25 .This reading was by Sheila Nelson and Brian Smith.

The third hymn was The Spirit lives to set us free, followed by the New Testament reading Matthew 11 vs 16-19 and 25-38.

Olwen then gave the Sermon which she had entitled 'Rest'. She said on these hot days when you can't sleep at night she finds herself singing the Alphabet song and led the congregation in a rendering ,which everyone seemed to know. She said sometimes singing can be used to distract from your worries and burdens, which people are saddled with. An analogy was made with people who stop for a rest when walking up Rivington Pike- the climb will still be there in front of you. But Jesus said 'come to me all who carry a heavy burden'. Perhaps sometimes we don't want the load to be removed-maybe we want sympathy. Same applies to worries over your own guilt- a person might say' God will never forgive me' - even though we know He will.

The consequence of this is that we can't get on and progress in our Christian life. We forget the Holy Spirit and his power. Yet St. Francis of Assisi gave everything he possessed away and not only survived but gave inspiration to millions of Christians.

Jesus says 'rest on me', share the problem. There is a way that is better than yours alone.

Our prayers of Intercession were followed by our last hymn, Great is thy faithfulness.

We then closed by sharing the Blessing.

Kindly written by Joe Leighton

Gallery :: Service Photos :: 9th July 2017

Service Photos: 9th July 2017

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