Service Review: June 4th 2017

The Communion Service was led by the Revd Keith Jump. The readings were Joel 2 v 20-32; Psalm 100 and Acts 2 v 1-13. It was a fun and lively service where we celebrated the birth of the Church at Pentecost.

Keith got us to sing Happy Birthday as a church to the Church which seemed a bit strange prior to doing it but actually was fun and relevant.

Keith talked about the meaning of the word Pentecost i.e. 50 days after Easter and the fact that this Sunday used to also be called Whitsunday because people would wear white clothing to go to church in - hence the abbreviated word 'Whit'.

I found the sermon really interesting. Especially when he passed the comment that there are some people in the Church who consider the Holy Spirit a fire risk!! Though it was a bit 'tongue in cheek', it highlighted the contradiction within us i.e. we want revival and the Holy Spirit's power but at the same time there is a 'price' to be paid and it's often messy and uncomfortable!

As Keith put it, "There's no Pentecost without plenty cost!" Keith's challenge was that we need to be open to the Holy Spirit who brings 'fire' that ignites, burns away rubbish to make us clean and empowers us the reach out to our neighbours.

It was a great service and I look forward to hearing Keith speak again.

Kindly provided by Glen Atkinson

Gallery :: Service Photos :: 4th June 2017

Service Photos: 4th June 2017

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