Morning Worship Sunday 31st July 2016 - Lead by the Rev Anne Cash

Anne had beautiful opening prayers based on ‘We adore you – we believe.’ This was followed by a reading by Vera Latham Colossians 3 V1-11. Immediately followed by the trio of Kathy, Norman and Brian enacting Luke 12 v 13-21.

We then had hymn ‘Purify my heart’ one I did not know wonderful words hope we have this again in the near future.

Anne’s sermon was based on the Luke reading were the youngest son was aggrieved that he did not get a share of the inheritance on the death of his father. He asked Jesus to tell his brother that he should share the inheritance, this Jesus refused to do and told the story of the farmer whose crop was so good he decided to build bigger barns to store the surplus. Jesus said that no good would come from storing riches on this earth.

What mattered was God’s fullness of life, true wealth is true fulfilment. Do we have more than we need? Will we share with those 65 million who are needy in one way or another? We need to go back to the source of our faith finding the kingdom values Putting God rather than greed at the centre of our lives. When we leave this earth we can take nothing with us what we leave is a legacy – what will our legacy be?

The collection was the taken accompanied by breath taking slides on the screen and the word of it’s a beautiful world

The children then joined us they had been talking about the feeding of the 5000 This Anne related to the bread/blessing/breaking/sharing. As we then did in Communion.

This was followed by a walk with prayers written and read by Joe Layton (This is available on line in full)

The service finished with the hymn ‘O Jesus I have promised.'

May we take Ann’s lesson to heart

Kindly provided by Joyce Read

Prayers Of Intercession

Our prayers of Intercession are prayers with a bit of a difference today, for as we pray, we are going for a walk in our imagination (or for a jog if you feel fit enough).

Sometimes we’ll find that we’re out of our comfort zones but always with the reassuring presence of Christ by our sides.

I’d like you to think of someone you know in the places we visit and take a few seconds to pray for them. We’ll finish with a prayer by St. Richard of Chichester: a name you may not know, but whose words will have a familiarity.

So let’s close our eyes, bow our heads and pray----

We step out of our homes and look around at so many familiar sites, places where our neighbours live, where they have their dreams and fears. We see people who walk by, some never seeming, or wanting to make eye contact and others we see nearly every day who smile at us, but are always in too much of a hurry just to stop and share a few words of conversation.

We think of those people for whom life seems a dead end, who haven’t been able to find the hope given to the world in Jesus Christ.

All these ordinary people; some sad; some happy; some shutting their Saviour out.

Pray for your neighbour.

Continue in our journey and now we come to the shops. Looking inside, we see the harassed mother with her children, so pushed for time, needing to attend to all the demands of family life. There’s the old person at check out, looking bewildered because she was sure she used the correct pin number; and now she’s trapped ------if only she could remember. The increasingly irritated queue building up behind her just makes things worse. No-one seems to understand.

Then there are those who have to watch every penny, whose poverty is mocked by the shelves, overflowing with goods of every sort, far more than we need.

Pray for anyone you know who finds life is moving beyond their control and for anyone who is struggling to make ends meet. Merciful Lord, may our gentleness and support for them reflect Your gentleness with us.

We leave the shop, carrying on walking, and in our imagination come to a glittering, towering office block a place where people work, where they can use their skills productively and meet with friends, where they can feel valued or undervalued.

Pray for the people who work there.

Here, we may also find those whose guiding principle is that of ‘much wants more’, heedless of the hermit will do to their fellow man.

We pray for those whose riches count for nothing of true value; may the warmth of God’s love enter their souls and show them that the very best of life’s rewards is gained by offering it unreservedly at the feet of the One who laid aside His power and took the form of a servant.

Keep on walking and now to a hospital. We think of people whose lives have been disrupted by illness; those who are sick and their caring relatives and friends.

(We especially bring before You today ………….)

May Your love flood their lives with hop and healing inspirit, mind and body.

Here also are people who work in the caring professions, using their expertise to help and heal others; doing their best in an understaffed, overworked environment. May they find inspiration through faith and may this country prioritise and help their situation to the benefit of all. we pray also for all those working in the emergency services, often putting their own lives on the line. Lord shield them as they protect others.

Now our spiritual step quickens, for ahead we see a church here at the Triangle, this place of brotherhood and sisterhood in Christ and the Church throughout the world, in many countries beset by opposition and obstacles, yet still growing. Inspire them with the knowledge that You are always with them and we are walking in the Power of God.

Finally, we are back home; we go inside, sit down and offer this prayer:

Thanks be to thee, my Lord Jesus Christ
For all the benefits Thou has given me,
For all the pains and insults Thou hast born for me.
O merciful Redeemer, Friend and Brother,
May I know you more clearly,
Follow Thee more nearly.

We offer all these prayers to God in confidence, knowing that he will use our prayers which are good, just and kind.

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