Service Review: 29th May 2016

Our preacher this morning was Miss Eve Crassweller who reminded us that her last visit was in 2014 on the occasion of only the second service in our then new building.

Our first hymn was “God is here as we his people…” The Music Group provided accompaniment and lead our singing.

In her address to the young people Miss Crassweller drew attention to our second hymn and the theme of love. She said that we all have something we love just as we all love Jesus. We should think about Jesus who is with us each day all day.

Our second hymn was “Father we love you…” accompanied this time not only by the Music Group but also by the young people waving flags. The Junior Church members then left for their Groups.

Our readings were 1 Kings Chap. 8 v.22-23, 41-43 and Luke Chap. 7 v.1-10. These were followed by our third hymn, “Be still for the presence of the Lord”.


Miss Crassweller read a section of Alan T. Dale’s translation of Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians. Paul talks of making God’s word known throughout the world. Taking the Good News to people who have not heard of Jesus. Paul told the Galatians that what you need is faith in Jesus.

Miss Crassweller spoke of those who have steadfast faith in Jesus whose only concern, like Paul, was to follow Jesus.

We all have to find our own ways to worship. We must always welcome people of all backgrounds and not ask that everyone should be like “us”. In our reading from Luke we heard of the Centurion who had such faith in what Jesus could do. At the time he would have stood out as different and he knew that a strict Jew could not enter the house of a Gentile such as himself. He therefore asked a friend to approach Jesus to ask that his servant be healed.

There are those in some parts of the world who are in danger of their lives for their faith. What faith they must have.

In our first reading Solomon turned his attention to those of other nations who had heard of God and had travelled, often long distances, to this new temple. They wanted to hear more of this God who had this steadfast love for all.

Solomon asked God to answer their prayers. He wanted all men to know of God.

Concluding with another extract from Alan T. Dale Paul tells us of what he has had to face. He was beaten up, imprisoned, faced death, thrashed by Jewish courts, shipwrecked etc… Paul had been knocked down but never knocked out. We must move forward in faith and ask what tasks have we been given for our Lord. Have we got that faith that will move mountains?

Our Worship Leader, Brian Smith, then lead us in our Prayers of Response and Intercession.

Our final hymn was “God whose almighty word…”

In her concluding blessing Miss Crassweller asked that not only be there light but also faith so that those we meet as we go forward in faith learn of Jesus through our example.

Special mention must be made of the Music Group who provided accompaniment in the absence of our organist and to the I.T. Group for the excellent imagery and scenic photographs used in the screen displays.

Kindly written by Mrs. Lorraine Lowe,Church Steward.

Gallery :: Service Photos - 29th May 2016

Service Photos: 29th May 2016

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