Service Review: 25th June 2017

Our service today was led by Mr Jeff Millington. Joe Leighton welcomed the preacher. Our opening hymn was ‘Be still’.

Worship Leader Brian Smith led prayers based in part on the work of George Fox but with a modern approach. The theme was what we need to be and what we need to do to be God’s disciples. The Lord’s Prayer was sung.

Jeff Millington started the children’s address with a discussion of hobbies. The children came up with a variety of hobbies although football did feature prominently! Jeff then mentioned that one of his hobbies as a child was birdwatching and he wondered whether God had hobbies and if so whether birdwatching was one of them. This linked in later with the Gospel reading relating to sparrows.

The children joined in energetically with flags and musical instruments as the congregation sang ‘Our God is a great big God’. The children then left for their classes.

The two Bible readings followed, Roman 6, v 1 to 11 read by Renee Easterbrook and Matthew 10, v 24 to 39 read by Carolyn Haslam. This was followed by the Hymn ‘Your words to me are life and death’.

The sermon opened with what could be the costs of being a Christian. What would Jesus say about life today? To live according to Christ’s principles is as much of a challenge today as it was in the past. We should not be afraid to let people know that we live our life in Christ.

The hymn ‘Father I place into your hands’ was followed by the offertory.

Worship Leader Denis Kirkham then led the Prayers of Intercession. The prayers focussed on the theme that in all the vicissitudes of life God is there to guide us. In times of weakness God is strongest. Live with a Christlike mind. Our final hymn was ‘Will you come and follow me’ followed by the Benediction as we shared the Grace together.

Kindly written by Norman Lowe.

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Service Photos: 25th June 2017

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