Service Review: 22nd October 2017

The service began with the call to worship and the title of this weeks’ service is “God, lord of life” and then we sang Hymn number 362, Meekness and majesty’ which is a rousing hymn and encouraged us to approach the service with humility but being aware of Gods purpose for our lives as well.

Chloe then opened the service in prayer followed by the Lord’s prayer.

The children’s address was based on a knitted nativity set which Hilary brought to show the children with the explanation that this advent will be holding a Posada which is when the church hopes that the figures of Mary and Joseph will be with a different member of our church every night through advent, if this interests you then there is a rota for you to sign I think it’s in the foyer.

Then we watched a video called “Sliding about” which was showing musicians playing plastic trombones called pBones and we are having a session with them, if this interests you, there is a list of names in the foyer, it looks fun with the possibility of finding new a pastime for you.

The next hymn was number 61, Our God is a great big God sung with actions, it is a fantastic song and very much enjoyed by us all, the children then left for junior church. Top tip: don’t stand at the side of someone who opens their arms so wide you must duck!!

It was time for the junior church to leave and then the offering was taken, there was also a moment taken by Joe Leighton to highlight the problems faced by the family of Louise and Faustin’s nephews and nieces and the need to raise £10,000 to bring them to their family in Bolton, please read the extra page in this weeks’ notices for all the information you will need.

Then we had a drama given by Trevor and Denis, Denis played the part of Simon who it is said spoke with a stammer just like Denis does, did Denis stammer or was it in the script?!! It was about paying taxes and spoken by two people trying to catch Jesus out (Jesus won)!!

We then sang number 71, “Show me how to stand for justice”.

Then the sermon, I must have heard hundreds of sermons but this one given by Hilary was the best I’ve ever heard preached, if you get the chance listen to it online, it’s well worth it.

We then sang 317, “At the name of Jesus”

Bringing our service to a close was the intercessions read by Heather Laycock and WL Brian Smith then hymn

Hymn 186 “Tell out my soul” was sung then the blessing by Hilary.

A fantastic service and one I could watch and take part in again and again.

If you haven’t been to the Triangle come along, we are a friendly bunch and would love to see you.

Kindly written by Denis Kirkham

Gallery :: Service Photos :: 22nd October 2017

Service Photos: 22nd October 2017

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