Service Review: 22nd April 2018

Our Service opened with the hymn 'Great is thy faithfulness,' followed by prayers of approach and the Lord's Prayer.

Reverend Mc Kenzie then invited all the children in the congregation to come forward and sit with her on the floor. On our large screen was a picture of a lollipop lady.

The Minister told the children the Bible story of the shepherd and his flock and then read a poem to them called 'The Lord is my lollipop lady', explaining the parallel roles of the shepherd and the lollipop lady to protect and guide, as Jesus does for us when we follow him.

The next hymn was the inspired Townend version of 'The Lord's my Shepherd' after which the Junior Church left for their groups.

Our Bible reading was John Chapter 10 vs.11-18 read by Kathy Denton and entitled The Shepherd and His flock.

The sermon opened with the Minister explaining that in Church language usage, this Sunday is known as Easter 4,so Easter has not been simply 'packed away' after Easter Sunday and, as the supermarkets are still selling Hot Cross buns, they have it right!

We ask what difference the Cross and Resurrection make?

Their affect is so profound we have to re-assess all that Jesus had said previously.

Focussing on verse 14and15 we see the connections between Jesus, God and mankind, the knowing factor between each is not containable, it includes the word relationship, which is particular to our faith, it includes a moral, ethical aspect and has consequences in actions.

The other word John uses is love and this with goodness is the centre of our faith as Christians, connecting us with the whole of creation.

Ours is a diverse faith ,a rainbow faith, but despite this diversity we can still do things together.

Goodness and love couples us to hope through the resurrection. The new life found in our faith should colour our actions.

As Christians we act with hope and never say 'all is lost' because God is always with us, so is the promise of the resurrection.

When we pray for people of different faiths and when we give our time for charities we do it through the connectiveness of goodness and hope, leading to the joy and transformation of resurrection.

The following hymn was ' There's a wideness in God's mercy'.

We then had our Prayers of Intercession followed by the Offering for the work of God ,and our final hymn ' O Jesus I have promised.'

The Service closed with the Minister giving the Blessing.

Kindly written by Joe Leighton.

Gallery :: Service Photos - 22nd April 2018

Service Photos: 22nd April 2018

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