Service Review: 20th November

The service was led by our own minister Reverend Hilary Howarth.

The call to worship was a brief overview of the service to come focussing on the importance of this Sunday in the Christian calendar, particularly Stir up Sunday and Christ the King. Mention was made that this Sunday was also marking Women Against Violence.

Our first hymn was “Meekness and Majesty”. Our resident organist Ann was accompanied in this. and all succeeding hymns, by the Praise Band.

Our prayers, based on the words of Bishop Berkeley, were led by Brian Smith (our Worship Leader) finishing with the Lord’s Prayer sung in Calypso style.

Hilary next talked about the meaning of Stir up Sunday. She invited the children out to help her make a fruit cake. The children enjoyed adding the ingredients to the bowl. Hilary then invited the children, in accordance with tradition, to say a little prayer as each stirred the mixture. In the best traditions of baking programmes, a cake made earlier by Joyce Read, was produced to be shared out after the service.

Our next hymn was “Majesty, worship his majesty.”

The New Testament reading, Luke Chapter 23, verses 33-43 was read by Norman Lowe.

This introduced the second theme of Christ the King. Hilary asked the children to try on a variety of hats (including hard hats, police, chef and cowboy) and identify who would wear them. Emphasis was placed on the crown of thorns worn by Jesus in contrast to the golden crown an earthly King would wear.

The next hymn was “From heaven you came helpless babe”.

Younger children were invited to complete word searches or draw while the Minister explored the theme of Christ the King with emphasis being on Christ the Servant King.

The penultimate hymn was “There’s a light upon the mountain” which lead into the responsive prayers for others led by Tobias and Nathaniel Read.

Notices were read and the offering was taken.

Our final hymn was “Make way, make way for Christ the King” which was followed by the blessing.

After the service the congregation were invited to enjoy a tea or coffee and to sample the fruit cake.

Kindly written by Norman Lowe.

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Service Review: 20th November

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