Service Review: 19th June

Sunday 19th June was the Junior Church Celebrations, which had the theme, Dreaming Big, making plans and moving forward.

Our Minister, Hilary, greeted a full congregation, saying that there would be 'Lots going on.' We were then given a welcome in a dozen different languages, read out individually and with impressive pronunciation by members of the Intermediate and Senior Sunday School classes.

We next had Nathaniel Read singing ' Any dream will do' from the musical 'Joseph', which was much enjoyed by the congregation , who also gave accompanying chorus.

Chloe, our Youth worker then gave the call to Worship Prayer, which was followed by the hymn 'Be thou my vision', with the band providing Guitar accompaniment.

Our opening prayers were then led by Beryl's Intermediate class, with Chris, Alicia, Nathan, Myles, Eddie and Annie each reading out their own prayer.

Our Old Testament reading was from Genesis, Chapter 41, verses 15-40, 'Joseph interprets Pharoahs Dream', with Nathaniel reading Joseph's words and Eddie reading Pharoah's.

We then had our 'Talky bit 1', which opened with a full screen recording of Martin Luther King's , 'I have a dream' speech. Hilary connected this speech with the Genesis reading as both are concerned with unfair imprisonment and slavery.

She asked us ' Do we have a dream individually?' and then showed us a dream catcher she had made ( just like the one on Blue Peter!) she had written on one side of the mobile hangings, the dreams she would have for the Church, our neighbours, the community, and the wider world. On the flip side of these she had written how she could make her dreams become reality.

Then the Sunday School children were led by Susy Martin in singing in singing, with lots of actions, ' I am walking for the Lord'.

our next Bible reading was from Jeremiah Chapter 29 verses 10-13 read in French by Couvin.

We then had 'Talky Bit 2', when Hilary asked the younger children to make a jigsaw of 'Thomas the Tank engine'. She asked them what would make it easier to put the jigsaw together and got the immediate answer ' co-operation'. She then said that God has a plan for all of our lives - we sometimes decide to go our own way and sometimes the pieces of our lives don't fit well, but God sees the potential in all of us. We must search for God, trust Him and share in his plans.

Our next hymn was ' God's Spirit is in my heart',accompanied by the full band.

Our New Testament reading was from St. John's Gospel, chapter 4, verses 7-26 . ' Jesus and the Samaritan women at the well', with Sean reading the part of Jesus and Catriona as the Samaritan women.

Next was 'Talky bit 3', led by Chloe and Ben, who invited the Junior Church children to play a game of Jenga. Chloe told of a game of Jenga she had asked children at another Church to do. after playing , she thought that the children had spoiled the bricks by writing on them, but when she read what they had written , each of them had put an individual quality on each brick. Gods help and divine structure with our qualities can realise what God wants us to be. If our lives come apart, God has given us the pieces to rebuild it.

We then had the Sunday school presentation,with prizes give on behalf of the Church by Beryl and Don, two of our Sunday School teachers.

Next came the Prayers of Intercessions led by Chloe, Sally, and Ben,followed by the Lords Prayer and our final hymn, ' Will you come and follow me'. Last of all , Hilary closed with a Blessing.

Kindly provided by Joe Leighton

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