Service Review: 19th February

The theme of today’s All Age Worship Service was ‘Bible Superheroes’, led by our own Revd. Hilary.

And what a Service it turned out to be. We were treated to ‘Superheroes’ a plenty from the Junior Church (and from the ‘not so junior church’); hymns played and led by our Praise Band; prayers both sung and spoken; and a lesson about Abraham, ‘Superhero, as told by the Revd. Hilary.

Abraham was renowned for his many accomplishments, not only for Christians, but for other faiths too. For Christians he was the man in the Old Testament who was known for two significant accomplishments. Firstly he was willing to leave his own country and trust God to lead him to a new one. Secondly, he believed God could make him the father of many nations even though his wife Sarah could not have children. At one point in the story, it is said his faith was so strong that he would have offered his son Isaac as a sacrifice if that is what God wanted. Thankfully, it wasn’t.

Following the Call to Worship, the Service opened with the hymn, “I do not know what lies ahead”, followed by a prayer of forgiveness and blessing, led by Denis Kirkham, Worship Leader.

A rousing Calypso version of the Lord’s Prayer came next, followed by a video, “Colour your world with kindness” as the offering was collected.

The next hymn was no.519 “Father I place into your hands”, which led nicely into the next section of the Service when the Junior Church came forward to show off and to explain their chosen ‘Superhero’. Appropriately dressed in costume, the children treated us to a whole array of fictional and non-fictional characters, ranging from Superman to Superwoman, Spider Girl to Wonder Woman and Harry Potter to Zlatan Ibrahimovi? (footballer). And what a splendid effort it was too. Not only did they receive a warm reception from the congregation, they also received a Super hero chocolate from Revd. Hilary!

And then it was the turn of the ‘not so junior church’, when we were graced with the presence of Florence Nightingale (Susie), Ian Botham (Don), James Bond 007 (Brian), Batman (Glen) and Mr Jones (Astley’s father, who during the Normandy landings of World War II served to rescue stranded survivors). Revd. Hilary nominated Emily Davidson as her superhero, the Suffragette who died in the fight for ‘votes for women’ in the early 19th Century.

The next hymn was led by the Junior Church, and with the necessary actions we sang “Father Abraham”. This led neatly into the lesson, Abraham’s story.

Revd. Hilary reminded us of Abraham’s good side in that he trusted in God’s promises and he obeyed his call, but also his bad side, when in collusion with his jealous wife Sarah, he took matters into his own hands and then blamed others when things went wrong. In concluding her lesson, Revd. Hilary challenged us all to be different and to stand out from the crowd – “In a world of princesses dare to be a Batman”.

Two hymns then followed, “Trust and obey” and the moving “I watch the sunrise”, interspersed with Prayers for others, led by Chloe and 3 children from her group.

At the end of the service I stood with Revd. Hilary in the foyer as people slowly filed out. Judging by the many positive comments that were being expressed, it would be safe to say that we had all witnessed a truly uplifting and enjoyable All Age Worship Service.

Kindly provided by Stephen Maslivec - Steward

Gallery :: Service Photos :: 19th February 2017

Service Photos: 19th February 2017

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