Service Review: 16th July 2017

Today's service was an "All style worship," with Paul as the theme. Following the opening prayer we sang Hymn 347, "Crown Him with many crowns."

Prayers of thanksgiving and forgiveness were read by Louise and Couvin Musombwa.

Acts ch 9 v.1-12 were read and explained by Brian Smith.

From here we went into Alternative Worship and given the choice of joining one of four groups,

  • Group 1: to remain in Church
  • Group 2: a craft / art group
  • Group 3: playing a ukulele and singing
  • Group 4: a prayer walk round Doffcocker Lodge.

Worship Group

Paul ------ super- hero!

Brought up in Tarsus as a Pharisee, Saul was in conflict with Jesus Christ, he believed that Christians were an attack on the Jewish faith. The encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus changed Saul for ever . Blinded , he was healed by the visit from Ananias who was doing the bidding of Christ. He changed his name to Paul and now converted he became a devoted disciple undertaking many missionary journeys all over the Roman Empire. Teaching the love and forgiveness of God, Paul planted new Christian churches. A super - strong personality Paul ended his life in prison and was finally beheaded.

Paul taught that forgiveness is a gift from God, and He will use us all, if He could transform Paul then He can change each of us.

Our lives are dependent on that inner strength from God, and He is sufficient for every situation that faces us.

"I can do all things through Him who gives us strength". Philippians ch 4 v 13.

Hymn 636. "O love that wilt not let me go."

The groups re- assembled , the craft group showed their frieze depicting the road to Damascus, the music group sang and played "Called by Jesus to live as one body" and the walking group spoke of their prayer stops of Faith Hope and Love.

Prayers and the Offering followed.

Hymn 673 "Will you come and follow me?" was our last hymn and the Benediction ended the service.

On the way out a treat waited in the foyer ------ ice-cream!

Kindly written by Ruth Parker

Gallery :: Service Photos :: 16th July 2017

Service Photos: 16th July 2017

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Service Review: 19th Nov 2017

The theme of the service was ‘What if John came to the Triangle today’, and after the welcome by our own minister, Hillary Howarth, and she opened the service with hymn number 264 in Sing the Faith ‘Make way, make way’ and it was sung with gusto and enthusiasm.

We then welcomed our first guest John the Baptist! Not THE John the Baptist but our own Glen dressed as John the Baptist preparing the way for the Ministry of Our Lord, Jesus the Son of God. Glen played a fantastic part and the throwing of the balls was enjoyed by all.

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