Service Review: 15th April 2018

Theme: Jesus and the Religious Leaders The service opened with a short verse entitled ‘This is your Day’. Brian, Daisy and Olivia, led the prayers. We sang ‘At the name of Jesus’.

We were then shown a list of attributes possibly needed to make a good minister. I suggest that no one could achieve all these qualities except Jesus.

At this point Hilary asked to see all our teddy bears which the congregation had brought – many of them very treasured, the oldest being 85 years old.

Some had some fascinating histories and strange names – Teddy Tail from the Daily Mail comes to mind. We chose which was the largest and smallest teddies. There was really no competition for the largest as Hilary produced a huge bear from behind the altar. He was the Reverend Teddy and was wearing a clerical collar. All the children wanted to hug him, and we were told he would be staying with us for a few weeks, giving plenty of opportunities for play.

After a rousing hymn, ‘Teach me to dance’ Zoe and Annie read from Matthew chapter 6: 1-4a;5-6;16-18.. Ben followed by reading from Matthew chapter 23: 1-7;13-15;23-24. Hilary then talked about the leaders in the church at the time of Jesus. The Pharisees – an arrogant group who looked down on all the people. The Scribes and Sadducees – mainly wealthy people who studied the law and followed Jesus to see if he broke the law. These three groups and the Herodians all disliked Jesus. Jesus did not like the insincere way in which they proclaimed the law and their beliefs. They hated it when He said that He was closer to God and called himself ‘the Son of God’

The hymn that followed was ‘Dear Lord and Father of mankind.

In her second talk Hilary showed us a shiny red apple, which looked perfect in every way, and pointed out that even with a perfect exterior the apple can be rotten on the inside. People also can pretend to be what they are not. True worship comes from the heart. We can sometimes be sincere but sincerely wrong. We should all be priests and let people see Jesus through what we do and say.

The hymn ‘Amazing grace’ (new version) followed, with actions led my Junior Church. Tony played quiet music during the taking of the offertory.

Our last hymn was ‘Siyahamb’, sung with enthusiasm, especially by the African members of the congregation. We closed by saying The Grace.

Kindly written by Doreen Hobson.

Gallery :: Service Photos - 15th April 2018

Service Photos: 15th April 2018

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