Service Review: 12th March 2017

The service was led this morning by Jim Hodgkinson and the call to worship was summed up in the first hymn ‘God is here as we his people.'

The junior church members were then asked to come and sit at the front and Jim joined them sitting on the floor. As we now have a web cam we could see what was going on (it’s great).

Jim produced a photograph of a refugee family and did a short summary of what it is like to be a refugee Couvin then very clearly read the story of Abram who trusted God to be with him – Jim then pointed out that this family were smiling, because they had been given hope and they knew that God was with them.

This was followed by a rousing rendition of ‘One more step along the world I go’ before they left us to go to their own groups. Brian then lead us through Psalm 121 then read the story of Abraham justified by faith. We then sang ‘O God you search me and you know me’. Alison took the prayers of intersection then Denis in preparation for the address told the story of Nicodemus coming to Jesus in the night. After the singing of ‘The spirit lives to set us free, walk, walk in the light’.

Jim then told of Nichodemus coming in the night to speak with Jesus the revelation that he needed to be ‘born again’ a difficult concept that Nicodemus had the courage to ask Jesus to explain. Jim then told us about a walk with his Grandson in the lakes both on the same path but on very different journeys. This is what Jesus invited Nichodemus to do.

To come into the light through Jesus the offer that is open to us all to grab the opportunity with both hands. We finished with Spirit of ‘God unseen as the wind’ to the music of the Skye boat song.

A beautiful ending to an excellent service.

Kindly written by Joyce Read

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