Prayer Diary - The Triangle Community Church Bolton

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing” – 1 Thessalonians 5:17


Let us remember in our daily Prayers this month for:

October 27th - Give thanks to God for those who take His Word into hostile areas.
October 28th - Pray for the perspective that allows us to empathise with the needy.
October 29th - Mr. Keith Trencher as he leads our service this morning.
October 30th - Pray for the peace and comfort found in obedience to God.
October 31st - Circuit Leadership Team Meeting.


November 1st - WOW as they meet tonight at Trinity Methodist Church.
November 2nd - Johnson Fold Residents Association Meeting.
November 3rd - The First Friday group as they meet this afternoon.
November 4th - The Chaos Café as our friends meet today.
November 5th - Revd. Hilary Howarth as she leads our worship this morning and the baptism of Ciara Ahern and her family as we welcome her into our church family. the Youth Bible study group as they meet tonight.
November 6th - We pray for asylum seekers who face deportation.
November7th - Connect Too fellowship meeting tonight.
November 8th - We pray those who are trafficked into slavery in the Western world.
November 9th - We pray for those who work tirelessly to free people from slavery.
November 10th - We remember those who faced death on the battlefields.
November 11th - For everyone who will come to the Pbones Workshop this afternoon.
November 12th - Mr. Jim Hodgkinson as he leads our Remembrance Service and all those who fought for our country. Revd. Hilary Howarth as she leads our “Quiet Space” tonight.
November 13th - We pray for those who go out on the streets to feed the homeless.
November 14th - JF church leaders lunch today.
November 15th - Food, Faith and Fellowship tonight and our speaker Glen Atkinson.
November 16th - We pray for those who work freely for others in Bolton.
November 17th - Thursday Fellowship as they meet at Brain’s tonight.
November 18th - The Craft Fair as it takes place and everyone who comes.
November 19th - Revd. Hilary Howarth and Glen Atkinson as they lead our worship this morning.
November 20th - The Social team as they meet this morning.
November 21st - Our Pastoral Leaders.
November 22nd - We pray for the clergy who are preparing for the Christmas services.
November 23rd - We pray for the emergency services.
November 24th - Our Quiz tonight at Astley Bridge Cricket Club.
November 25th - Our Youth leaders and Junior church leaders as they prepare for their classes each week.
November 26th - Mrs.Olwen Baker as she leads our Worship. And for Mission Together this afternoon at Trinity.
November 27th - The Advent Course as they meet tonight.
November 28th - We pray for doctors, nurses and those who work in hospitals.
November 29th - The stewards meeting as they meet tonight.
November 30th - We pray for those who find December and Christmas a time of sadness.

Let your gentleness be evident to all. the lord is near. Philippians chp.4 v.5

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