Notices: 4th September 2016

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."

Asubuhi njema na Karibu, Jambo, Bonjour

Good morning and we are delighted that you are with us today. We hope you find your time of worship helpful and uplifting.

Today Revd. Hilary Howarth is leading our Worship and includes the Baptism of Raeya Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob and Danni Worsley, granddaughter of Barry and Ann Worsley. We extend a very warm welcome to Raeya’s family.

The Welcomers:

The Welcomers are Audrey Tavener, Rob Broughton and Mary Greaves.

Today's Bible Readings:

Jeremiah 1:5; Psalm 139:1-6+13-18

Coffee Will Be Served By:

Coffee will be served by Doreen Hobson’s team Audrey Tavener, Annie Aspinall, Judith Whittle’ Joan Speakman and David Buckley.

Flowers Today:

Flowers today are given by Doreen Wright in Memory of Brian and Alison Critchley in Memory of Mum and Dad.

News & Events

Coffee Lounge
Monday - Friday: opens between 10.00am - 2.30pm.

Praying Together
Tuesday 10.00am -10.30am. Please consider joining us, if only occasionally, in this time of prayer. You don’t necessarily have to pray out aloud - silent prayer and listening are also important.

Knit and Natter
Tuesday 10.30am - 12.00pm

Membership Class
Wednesday 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Coffee Morning
Thursday 10.00am - 12.00pm

Music Group Rehearsal
Thursday 7.45pm

Pray For Zoe
Some friends of ours (Jez and Minou) have a little girl Zoe who is poorly. She is only 3 and has already spent a lot of her time in hospital. Both their children were diagnosed with an aggressive pre-leukemic condition called familial monosomy 7. Both have had bone marrow transplants. Charlies was successful but unfortunately Zoe did not have a 100% match and they have found out the condition is still there. On 6th Sept some people have organised a full day of prayer where people can pray for Zoe for an hour in a time slot. Please would you remember and Pray for Zoe this Tuesday. Mandy and Glen Atkinson.

Cake Sale
This week will be the LAST week for the cake sale to raise money for the youth hoodies! New Youth would like to thank everyone who has helped with the cake sale. We will let you know how much we have raised and when the hoodies are on their way soon.

Food Faith and Fellowship
FFF starts again on Wednesday the 21st September at 6.30pm when Hilary is leading our meeting and will be “Jesus at dinner with Martha and Mary”. On the menu is hotpot with mushy peas or a vegetarian alternative. This is not an exclusive club everyone is invited to join us for supper fellowship and an inspiring talk, why not try it out? For catering we need to know how many are coming. Please give your name ASAP to Anne Haslam.

Holy Trinity Church Namibia Committee Church St. Horwich
We have been busy with dealing with financial transactions with the Namibia Link schools. I don't know if you are aware but Namibia and several other African countries are experiencing the worst drought and famine for 25 years. Even the capital city, Windhoek, is affected and big companies are pulling out adding an extra layer of misery for the Namibians. We have sent £2000 shared pro rata between the three schools which will purchase a total of 87 x 50kg sacks of grain. Where our link is they are fortunate to get water from Angola as they are so close to the border, however they have to pay for it. The livestock are dead or dying and wild animals are killing each other to get to what water there is. We are holding a Concert with Muldoon’s picnic on Saturday 17th September at 7.30pm Tickets £8.00. Also a Table Top Sale on Saturday 24th September 10.-12.30 pm. See posters on the notice board for more details. Brian Smith.

Happy Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday! to Faith Ross on Monday 5th September.

Next Week at The Triangle Community Church

The Service Next Week:

The Service next week. (September 11th) Revd. Keith Jump will be leading our morning service and will include Holy Communion.

6.30pm: Thin Space Revd. Hilary Howarth will be leading our evening service.

The Welcomers Next Week:

The Welcomers are Marilyn Taylor, Estelle Buckley and Mavis Taylor.

Coffee Next Week:

Coffee will be served by Trevor Massey’s team Fiona Gorton, Janet and Trevor Davies, Dorothy Hilton and Faustin Musombwa.

Flowers Next Week:

Estelle Buckley will be providing flowers in loving Memory of Dad.

Parting Thought

"You will find, as you look back on your life, that the moments you have really lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love."

Notices Information

All notices for Sunday (11th September) should be sent to me by 6pm on Wednesday 7th September please. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 01204 413664.

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