Notices: 24th December 2017

Advent 4 - Christmas Eve "For god so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Asubuhi njema na Karibu, Jambo, Bonjour, Goeiemôre, Goedemorgen

Good morning and we are delighted that you are with us today. We hope you find your time of worship helpful and uplifting. This morning Revd. Hilary Howarth is leading our Christingle Service.

11.30pm: Midnight Service including Holy Communion led by Revd. Hilary Howarth.

Lighting the Advent Candle is led by Chloe Fountayne and Couvin Musombwa

Advent is a time of longing – when we revisit the story of waiting for Christ’s birth and the reality of living in the in-between time of anticipating his return.

We are still a people dwelling in darkness, living in a world where there is pain and sorrow.

But it is also a time of celebration because through Jesus’ birth, God has already comforted God’s own people.

As we focus on (and prepare our hearts more fully for) his return, we can be newly strengthened by the promise of how wonderful God’s kingdom fully present with us will be.

We are – and will one day be still more – a people living in the light.

We light the fourth candle on the Advent Ring to remind us of Mary the mother of our Lord whose complete humility and utter confidence, in your word and will, astonishes us. May her confidence and joy be part of our own experience as we await your coming.

Please remain seated during the singing.

1.Light a candle in a darkened place.
In its flame see hope on every face
Herald a brand-new dawn,
So let it burn.

2.In the darkness, see the coming light,
Word of God speaks through the darkest night
Keep watch, the time is near
Time for hope and not for fear,
So let it burn.

3.Stepping through each page of history
Prophets contemplate this mystery,
Celebrate the coming King,
words of joy and hope they bring,
So let it burn.

4. In the desert now the waiting’s done,
Making things ready at his glory is sealed.
And the hope for all is sealed,
So let it burn.

Lord Jesus, Light of the world, just as your young mother Mary risked everything to nurture your growth, we say “yes” to carrying the comfort of your presence to others.

We need you; strengthen us to draw alongside others with you. We wait for you; fill us with love for those you lead us to.

Comfort the people living in darkness, oh glorious Lord of light.

Steward On Duty Today:

Steward duty today is Joe Leighton any problems please see either Joe or any other stewards.

The Welcomers:

The Welcomers are Rita Wood, June Tweedley and Estelle Buckley.

Bible Readings:

Luke 2: 2:7; John 3: 16: Isaiah 1 :18: Matthew 1:21; John19:34; Matthew 2: 1-5&9-11: Matthew 6:25-26; Genesis 1:14-15; John1:1-5; John 8:12.

Coffee Will Be Served By:

Coffee will be served by Joyce Read’s team Kath Powter, Trish Kemp, Mary Robinson, Mavis Taylor and Alison Foster.

Flowers Today:

Flowers are given by Estelle Buckley in loving Memory of Mum and Dad.

This Week's Events

Connect Too Fellowship Group
Tuesday 7.30pm

Chaos Coffee Morning
It's on Saturday 6th January from 10-11.30 and is for anyone who has recently started coming to church recently. Although people can drop in at any time, or stay for the whole time, during the morning Hilary will talk about the church, what we do etc, invite questions, give a little of her background but it's an opportunity for people to find out more about us. Chaos stands for CH And Other Stuff.

As Christmas is upon us...
...on behalf of Les and myself, I pray it will be a very special time for you. Some of you will be visiting family, and others will be having family visit you, I pray it will be a Christmas filled with love and laughter. For some though, Christmas is a difficult time that reminds us that family are far away, or not physically present with us anymore. However you spend Christmas and whoever you spend it with, I will remember you all in my prayers. I pray that the peace and joy of Christmas will fill your heart and the message of God with us in the birth of his son, will remind you of how much God loves you. God bless, Hilary.

Thoughts & Prayers
Our thoughts and prayers are with Vivienne Cranshaw, Lynne Haighton, and family on the loss her husband, father, and grandfather who passed away last week.

Congratulations to Alison Foster on the safe arrival of her fourth granddaughter, Scarlett Harper last Friday.

Babes In The Wood
On Friday 12/1/18 we are planning a Panto trip to Victoria Hall Bolton to see 'Babes in the Wood'. We need to book tickets as soon as possible. The ticket price, as long as we have a party of over ten, will be Adults £ 6-50 and Senior Citizens & Children £3-50. Please note there will be no charge to our Junior Church members. Please see Beryl, Don, or Chris after the Service to book tickets. Or ring Beryl on 01204 593791

Christmas Day Service
10.00am Family Service led by Revd. Hilary Howarth. Please bring an opened present and if you have one wear a Christmas Jumper, Thank you.

Parting Thought

" May Peace and plenty be the first to lift the latch of your door and happiness be guided to your home by the candle of Christmas. "

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"I tell you the truth, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him."

Asubuhi njema na Karibu, Jambo, Bonjour, Goeiemôre, Goedemorgen.

Good morning and we are delighted that you are with us today. We hope you find your time of worship helpful and uplifting. Today Revds.’ Hilary Howarth is leading our All Age Worship and concludes our theme of “Villains” Jezebel.

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