Nicole's Bornea Trip: Update

Update from Borneo: They have been stuck at the holding camp from Monday to Thursday unable to travel to the next island. So they took day off to go to the beach - in the rain! They had the opportunity to zip wire between islands.

They also took the opportunity to help planting at the wetlands mangroves. They have now moved on to a small camp that not many groups get the opportunity to visit. We won't hear anything for a few days now due to lack of signal.

Updated 15.08.2016

They have been involved in a number of projects already including:

  • Building an outdoor assembly area for the kindergarten
  • Mixing concrete for building steps and covering the volleyball court and painting the school signs and completing the mural at the kindergarten.
  • Working at the local school with Yr6 teaching English

They have also visited the Kundasang War Memorial built to commemorate those that died on the Sandakan Death March in 1945.

They have been at two camps at the moment and are due to move deeper into the jungle today but have been delayed due to bad weather conditions.

She is certainly having the experience of a life time but a month does seem a very long time.

Updated 30.08.2016

My trip started last year with all the preparations and some of the fundraising. Most of what I raised was this year!

My once in a life time opportunity and experience all started on the 16th July 2016 as I embarked on an adventure halfway round the world to Borneo, Malaysia for 1 month’s expedition, helping and working in local areas and building in small communities.

I went to 4 different camps while I was out there as well as staying in the city koto kinabalu (kk) the 4 camps were:

  • Camp Tinangol
  • Camp Narawang
  • Gaya Island
  • Bata Puteh ...the jungle
While we are at these camps we helped build an outdoor play area which doubled up as an outside classroom and we also started to build an assembly hall. We had to mix cement and make concrete to carry out the task we had been set which was really hard and we did some brick laying which was really fun. This was all for a middle school in Tinangol! While we were her at the camp we learnt some of the Malay language. In Narawang we did some painting as the old sign was disappearing and you couldn’t see it anymore and we painted the logo which was very complicated. While we were at this camp, we also went in to the school to each year and taught them some English in small groups which was great fun and we also learnt some more of their language and played a few games. When we went to gaya island we helped out by doing a beach clean so it was all nice and tidy and the beach looked good and so that it keep the environment friendly and safe and doesn’t harm any of the land and sea animals and creatures.

We went in to the mangroves and helped to plant some new trees so that the mangrove wood would build up and people were cutting them down to use for wood and they said they don’t look very nice.

The jungle was out last camp at the end of the month. We were in for 3 nights and 4 days, it was amazing putting up our own hammocks to sleep in?. While we were in the jungle we cut down the vines, so they wouldn’t over grow and so we could plant new trees so that the wildlife is not lost. Then once it was all cut we needed to clear it all to the same level as already there and it was ready to plant. Our group managed to plant 160 trees in one morning with the suns scorching beans shinning down on us as there was not shade at the project site. Before we got to the jungle we went to see the Orang-utans and the Sun bears what was really good it was nice to see them swinging about in the trees and lounging about as the sun bears do and it was too hot for them.

Overall my favourite parts of the trip was to see all the different wildlife and animals they have and to make new friends with people for my own country and people over there who I can stay in contact with over facebook, helping out in the communities of that standard and it was nice to feel helpful and think that we have made a difference in someone’s or people’s lives. My favourite camp had to be the jungle as I really enjoyed it all the work the hammock the rain and the boat rides and then that was closely followed by Tinangol that was good to. I had the best company ever I could have asked anyone to be swapped out I love them all it was good to share it with them it was amazing!!

Kindly provided by Nicole Kulger

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