Stolen Lives

Those of you who missed Paul Field's presentation about 'Stolen Lives' last Saturday night missed a wonderfully thought- provoking and entertaining evening.

Not surprisingly, after 40 years as a singer/songwriter, Paul is the consummate professional. His songs are beautifully sung and all contain messages about life's journey.

'Stolen Lives' reminded us about the heroic struggle of William Wilberforce to have slavery abolished 200 years ago and yet here we are in the C21st with more people enslaved than in his time - an estimated 30 million worldwide and no less than 13,000 in our own country! And modern-day slavery can take many forms: domestic servitude, cocoa farmers in Africa, sweat shops in Bangladesh, World Cup construction workers in Qatar.

Just as in Wilberforce's day, creating awareness is vital to the cause of abolition and today we have the power of mass communication (the world wide web etc) available to help us. With the right level of support, this can turn a ripple of indignation into a tidal wave of support for change. As Wilberforce said: "You can choose to look the other way, but you cant say you didn't know." There is still much to be done to eliminate modern day slavery and we should all try to do our bit to stop it.

Thanks to Paul - if you want to know about his life, songs & causes please look him up on the Internet, he is internationally recognised. Thanks also to Hilary for organising the event & to all who helped on the night. It was well worthwhile!

Kindly written by Stuart Whittle

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Stolen Lives

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