Junior Church & Joseph

Our party of 13 children and 5 adults met at Bolton Railway Station and travelled to Oxford Road Station in Manchester.

A brief pause was made for group photographs before we all went into the Opera House Theatre and took our centre circle seats.

The show was spectacular, with superb performances from the cast, Joe McIlderry (winner of the X-factor in 2009,) playing the lead role. The children all enjoyed the music, which was familiar, but no less enjoyable for the adults, the original production having been first performed in 1968.

As the show more or less followed the story of Joseph in Genesis Chapters 37 to 47, it served as a useful teaching aid to the Sunday School.

A somewhat enthusiastic, but well behaved return train journey ended with the children all being safely reunited with their parents, the accompanying adults then making a fairly full recovery before Sunday Service the next day.

Kindly provided by Joe & Beryl Leighton

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