Service Review: 7th February

How Great Is Our God: After a few wet, windy days Sunday 7th Feb dawned bright and clear allowing as many as will to come to Worship God at The Triangle Community Methodist Church.

As lent approaches we thought about what we were going to sacrifice for those 40 days. Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice, his life, so that we will be saved.

We heard, in a stirring adaptation of the story, read by Astley Jones, of how Jesus went up a mountain to meet Moses and Elijah and receive final for the remainder of his life. He then admonished his disciples for suggesting that they won’t let any harm come to him saying “get thee behind me Satan”. Exploring this moment in more detail I discover that Jesus had just revealed to His disciples for the first time the plan: He was to go to Jerusalem to suffer, die, and be raised to life (Matthew 16:21; Mark 8:31).

Contrary to their expectations of Him, Jesus explained that He had not come to establish an earthly Messianic kingdom at that time. The disciples were not prepared for this new revelation of the Messiah’s purpose. Though Peter understood His words, he simply could not reconcile his view of the conquering Messiah with the suffering and death Jesus spoke of. So Peter “began to rebuke Him” for having such a fatalistic mindset. Although Peter had just moments before declared Jesus as the Christ, he turned from God’s perspective and viewed the situation from man’s perspective, which brought about the stern rebuke: “Get behind me, Satan!” Jesus went on to explain: “You do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men” (Mark 8:33). May our focus always be on God and His plans, that we may never experience a similar rebuke from our Lord.

However, the reading goes on to tell us that once he was satisfied that his disciples understood the importance of the next stage of his life, Jesus heads down the mountain with the disciples following behind calling “wait for me Jesus”. As always, Rev Hilary and worship leader Brian Smith had put together a very inspiring service that included so many elements and people. Some of the hymns were played by the piano/organ and some by The Praise Band. This gave us a chance to reflect as well as to praise. The Lords Prayer was interspersed with a modern translation from The Message which helped to update the well known prayer into modern language without losing any of the meaning. The service was concluded with an act of communion.

Following the main service, a christening service took place, where Nathaniel Taylor was baptised into the family of God. We look forward to helping him in his spiritual journey here at The Triangle.

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Nathaniel's Christening

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