In this week’s readings Jesus appears to be preparing the way, by dropping hints about his death. It may seem odd that the disciples didn’t know what was going on, but when you read the words again and again it strikes us that you can forgive the disciples for not getting what Jesus was on about for his words are quite vague.

He never actually spelt out the words “I am going to be put to death.”

Perhaps this is because he knew that his disciples might try to alter the course of events, which Jesus knew must happen in the pre-destined way.

In Chapter 13 verses 31-18 and 14 verses 15-24 Jesus encourages the disciples to reciprocate the love he has shown to each other and to the people they came into contact with.

Hopefully this will go out in waves from person to person. Show love and the world will be a better place. The readers of John’s gospel are given more information than the characters we are constantly told that Jesus’ hour is to come. Then John tells us that Jesus’ hour has come! A man on the video discussion suggest that these chapters suggest that ‘love is the form that power takes’.

By washing his disciples’ feet, he is not only making a statement of who he is, but saying that despite who I am I can still humble myself to wash the feet of others. This suggests to me that Jesus is saying that we must all do unto others as you wish others to do unto you”. It also suggests that Jesus is saying ‘do not be afraid to show your feet, warts and all. No matter what your problems, it is always better to share, warts and all.

The question of Judas’ motives is to say is he an instrument of God or is he an instrument of Satan? Does Judas betray Jesus by his own will power; is he moved by Satan or by the power of God? Remember, although the betrayal is wrong and should not be condoned, without it Jesus would never have died and been resurrected.

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