Week 6: Chapter 12 is about the light of understanding and the darkness of failing to grasp what was right in front of them. Jesus shows that in order for the new grain to grow, the old grain has to die.

This is another analogy of Jesus’s death and resurrection. It is interesting to note that Martha calls Jesus ‘Lord’.

She is looking to the future for Lazarus’s resurrection at the end of the world, but Jesus says ‘no, he can be resurrected here and now’. This is not only an analogy of what will happen to Jesus, but is also a big reason why the authorities are even more out to get him, for it is the story that brings even more people to follow him.

The act of Mary washing Jesus’s feet is symbolic of what Jesus does to his disciples at the last supper.

Jesus’s arriving after Lazarus has died and not before, can seem callous as we are told that Jesus knows Lazarus is dying but a woman in the video discussion says “God may not come when you want him, but he is always right on time”.

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