FFF: 18th November

It was an amazing night to hear the work of Urban Outreach from Dave Bagley. One thing which stands out was the fact that it that some people don't have a great deal in life, such as outlook on life is limited and they don;'t have the opportunities.

It is not just about money. helping people is about life not money, Jesus said to "bind the broken hearted and set the captives free...."

It is about creating opportunities. We saw an interesting video on the work making the lunches for children. Amazing to see the amount they provide.

Over 34.000 lunches were provided over the 6 weeks holiday. Jesus said you give them something to eat when he fed the 5000. Dave also told him a bit about himself and the work of urban outreach. he explained that Bolton has a real problem in the area of trafficking people and slavery. Hard to believe but true.

We are one of the most unjust nations in the world. The welfare system seems to be focused on monetary issues not justice in welfare. He posed us a question to think about - 'How do we as the church act living the justice of the Kingdom of Heaven into the world we live in today.'

We then watched another slide show. The words of a woman who had been trafficked and abused in Bolton said 'I am finally been me' after been found and helped. Sober words. What spoke to me is God is outside of the money and we should go where Jesus goes. we are not asked to judge about justice. God looks at the heart of people, we cannot judge people in their poverty, they need the hand of God to touch them, it is not always about the food. It is not our job to judge we are called to be Gods hands and feet. Bolton is seeing a movement of God at this time, amazing. We need a renewed vision. Dave also shared about The work they do with prostitutes and shared how they got their building through faith.

Listening to the talk we learned about the work of Urban Outreach and how God is moving. I felt for me personnel it was a challenge to seek God more and move with him. we are all called to set the captives free and do the work of God in this world and especially our town, Bolton.

Written by Mandy and Glen Atkinson.

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