Service Review: 9th August 2015

The service was led by Graham Smith, a Local preacher based at Harwood Methodist Church. After the first hymn he asked the members of Junior Church if they had a favourite toy.

There was a brief discussion of teddy’s name but the X-box was a clear winner. A favourite colour was also mentioned, but we are reminded that Jesus should be a clear favourite.

How do you measure the love of a Jesus? A tape measure was produced but dismissed as God’s love is higher than the sky and so the tape was inadequate. A measuring jug was versatile, measuring in litres, pints and cups, but as ‘the cup overflows’ with love it again was not a suitable measure.

The theme of the sermons for three Sundays is Radical Hospitality – one of the five properties listed by Robert Schnase in his book ‘The Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations’. Mentioning the word ‘radical can make us think of radicalisation but that is nothing to do with Schnase’s use of the word. Chemists have a special use the term. A radical is a highly reactive atom or molecule which has lost outer shell electrons! Again not the Schnase meaning.

The preacher said that he had been completely ignored when attending a church service, but had gone back a second time when he was tapped on the shoulder and a man said ‘I am Adrian’. Adrian was another newcomer to the church and had been ignored. However, there was a happy ending they were inundated with welcomes at the end of the service.

The dictionary suggests radical is:

‘going to the root or origin; fundamental: thorough going or extreme, especially as regards change from accepted or traditional forms’

We were told that an initial welcome was not the end, it must be ‘radical’ we need to go further ensure that our Christian beliefs are shown and made clear to all.

Kindly provided by Dennis Hobson

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11th October 2015

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