Service Review: 9th August 2015

Choice and Commitment was the theme for worship on Sunday 23rd August. A lively opening hymn ‘Give me Joy in my heart’ set the scene for a lively service.

The members of Junior Church were invited to declare their breakfast choice, ranging apparently from cornflakes, through bacon and eggs to the real favourite, sausage and beans!

Choice of clothes indicated that mum had influenced the choice, but we were reminded about the awkward feeling of being the odd one out when wearing a different type of clothing to the rest of the group.

Of course our choice must be Jesus, but this could mean that we are sometimes the odd one out when applying Christian values at work or school.

The singing of ‘I danced in the morning’ provided the ideal opportunity for lively youngsters to jig about and wave a colourful array of flags.

The sermon, delivered by Olwen Baker, started form the text from John’s Gospel:

‘Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them’.

This was immediately a big problem for many of the Jews who have always drained the blood from animals before eating the meat, so they turned away. The disciples showed commitment and remained.

The Roman army was very successful and we still find many signs of their conquest of Britain. They wore armour to protect themselves. If we make the commitment to Jesus what is our ‘armour’?

The Holy Spirit will guide and protect us. Being a Christian is about making choices and having commitment.

Kindly provided by Dennis Hobson

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