Service Review: 9th August 2015

Siya’ hamba, hamba. Siyahamba...

No, we haven’t got a problem with the Triangle’s laptop! These are the words of the Afrikaans hymn, ‘Teach me to Dance’ which, together with ’We are marching in the power of God’, kicked off our Family service on the 16th August.

Flags a’waving, our Young Church were in action right away to accompany that most family of occasions - the baptism of Reece and Holly, the children of Elliot and Amy Schofield. Reece Jay Schofield was a tad too big and heavy for our petite Minister, Revd. Hilary Howarth to hold, so he was lifted on to a chair to be baptised, but Holly Olivia was able to listen to Hilary at eye-level as the solemn words were spoken. Candles and certificates were presented, the Triangle congregation introduced to the two new members of their family, and the ever-popular ‘All things bright and beautiful’, chosen by Elliot and Amy, was sung with gusto as sunshine streamed through the stained glass onto the group at the altar.

Hilary’s talk to the Young Church began by asking the congregation to identify pictures of famous families - The Simpsons, The Partridge Family, The Clampetts (Beverly Hillbillies), our Royal family and Kardashian. ‘Different shapes, different sizes of families’, said Hilary, ‘some happy, some not-so-happy’. God puts us in families, she explained, so that we’ll have people to care about us, and pointed out that we’re also part of larger families - our own Triangle church family and the Human family. At the same time she highlighted the challenges that face families the world over and the work of ‘Urban Outreach’ which provides meals for 1,000 children a day, right here in Bolton!

Pens, pencils and paper were produced for the children to draw pictures of their own families (much admired later) and Hilary reminded us of some famous Bible families - Adam and Eve and their two quarrelling sons, Cain and Abel; Joseph (of ‘Technicolour Dreamcoat’ fame) and his brothers and, indeed, Jesus’ own brothers and sisters, who Mary must have had to ‘referee’ from time to time.

The Parable of the Prodigal Son was then told by the Astleys (Glennys and Don), Ben Latham, Jamie Blatchley and Nathaniel Reed, leading into Hilary’s talk, a true story of a dysfunctional family whose daughter ran away from home, fell into the hands of a feckless ne’er-do-well and was eventually welcomed back by her family. The message for all of us is that ‘God loves us and welcomes us home, too’.

The hymn, ‘Brother, Sister, let me serve you’ took us into Prayers of Intercession for families, before the closing hymn, ‘In Christ Alone’ and a charming on-screen montage built by Phil Grundy entitled, ‘Family of God’ to the accompaniment of Louis Armstrong’s ‘Wonderful World’.

Altogether a sparkling service in the best Triangle tradition.

Kindly written by Astley Jones

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