Service Review: 5th July 2015

Last Sunday July 5th, Rev. Fraser Smith led our worship and service of communion. He is a great orator and his service of God's love through the message Jesus taught his followers contained many anicdotes which kept us attentive and amused.

The sermon was based on the two well read biblical readings of Philippians Ch.2: 1-11- Joy in Serving - Imitating Christ's Humility and Mark Ch.6: 1-13.Jesus Caring for others!

The message was "Do we or can we have the power and commitment of Jesus in our new venture?"

Fraser chose four good hymns to enhance this service, his prayers were concise and to the point and the Lord's prayer was said.

Fraser used his own shortened version of the communion service, which he told us he had used in his days as a Prison Chaplain, commenting "there was a difference - hopefully we could concentrate better!" He closed the service with the Grace.

A superb service. Thank you Fraser.

Kindly provided by Geoff Sutcliffe, L.P.

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