Service Review: 7th June 2015

This Sunday’s service was organised by members of the Triangle Church, with no formal Minister or Local Preacher leading.

The Welcome to the service and Call to Worship was led by Geoff Sutcliffe. It was so good to see Geoff back at the pulpit again, after an absence of some 18 months and he certainly took the opportunity with his customary uplifting enthusiasm.

After our first hymn, “Come let us join our cheerful songs”, Geoff led us in our Prayers of Adoration, Confession and Thanks, followed by our singing of the Lord’s Prayer.

Our first reading was from Psalm 92, telling of people who faithfully follow the ways of the Lord will flourish throughout their lives like palm trees and the Cedars of the Lebanon.

Brian Smith, our Worship Leader, then gave a word to the children, who had all come forward to sit around his feet, telling them of the meanings of the words of the Psalm in their lives. He then showed them pictures of a Palm tree and of a Cedar tree and asked what God sent down to them from Heaven, receiving the answer back from little Joel “Coconuts! “, followed by a moment of amused silence from Brian and a roar of laughter from the Congregation.

We then had our second hymn, “For I’m building a people of power,” after which the children left for their classes. We had our Old Testament reading from Ezekiel, Chapter 17, verses 22-24, entitled “Prophecy of Hope” where God tells how He will restore the House of David over Israel, by comparing it to His planting of the tenderest shoot of the Cedar tree on a high mountain, from where it will grow to become a magnificent Cedar, bearing good seed and providing shelter for all kinds of birds.

After our next hymn, “In the wonder of Creation”, Steve Maslivec read from the Gospel of St. Mark’s ,Chapter 4 verses 26-42, where Jesus tells the two parables of the mustard seed and the grain seeds. His reading was accompanied throughout by an interpretive acting out by Steph. Shipley and Andrew Martin.

Brian Smith then brought all the of the Service together with his talk on the meanings of the two parables, how they linked to the Old Testament reading, with its foretelling of how God would send His only Son, our Lord Jesus, to earth and how the parables can influence the growth in faith of all our lives as Christians and how particularly applicable they are to our Spiritual growth as a new Church here at the Triangle.

We then had our Prayers of Intercession, with special emphasis on the plight of Christians around the world who face persecution for their beliefs and for all the refugees from war and poverty; with prayer for the Triangle Church, that it be a light to our Community here in Bolton, offering the shelter of God’s Salvation to everyone.

The hymn “What shall we offer our Good Lord “ was followed by a Prayer of Dismissal and all the Congregation turned to each other to offer the Grace.

Incidentally, Brian did eventually get the right answer to his question to the children. What do you think it was?

Kindly written by Joe Leighton.

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