Service Review: 10th May 2015

Choices: A friendly welcome to old and new faces in search of a choice seat begins our worship.

Chatter descends to murmur then silence as we are reminded of Christian Aid Week and the choices we can make to change the lives of others less fortunate.

Stained glass reflects nature’s awakening world of colour to confirm the words of a preacher choosing to wear odd socks of sheep and goats.

Shouts of “Marmalade” spark young interest in Paddington Bear and the message of kindness to others likened to becoming sheep rather than goats.

St Mathew brings to us the words of Jesus, where Sheep are separated from goats for their life choices. “What you did for others you did for me”, “What you did not do for others, you did not do for me”

The “Word” spreads to overcome military steel with the help of Peter’s dream to reach lands far and wide to the shores of this England.

Kindly provided by Phil Grundy.

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