Sunday 21st June - Led by Rev Ian Smart, a very lively service which included two new hymns. The first one ‘Jumping all over the place’ was a bit chaotic, with the children singing ‘Oo na na na’ and the adults singing the verses. Second time through we managed it!

Ian then introduced his theme ‘God is with us’. He may ask us to do difficult things that can be rather scary, and explained how we must help each other.

The young people sang their songs very sweetly and we joined them in the hymn played by the Praise Band – I’m going on a journey down a narrow bumpy road - with actions during the chorus which ended with:

"For I know I am getting stronger, And it is so great having Jesus as my friend!"

What a wonderful message.

The young people sat around Ian’s feet at the front, wondering what was hidden under a large towel – a large tank of water. We were all introduced to Ian’s friend Mr Baa, a lamb puppet wearing a snorkel and goggles, who was scared of water. The group were asked what made them scared, they responded with all kinds of situations and listened intently to Ian. Mr Baa said a prayer to help him to be strong as he still thought there was a monster in the water! As Ian looked down into the water Mr Baa quickly ducked his face in the tank, with gales of laughter from the congregation. Mr Baa said God had answered his prayer!

We were left with three powerful messages:

  • We are never alone.
  • We in the church are here for each other.
  • God is always with us – holding our hands and leading us through scary times in our lives.

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Welcome to the Triangle Community Methodist Church, we’re glad you’re here.

If you’re new to our church family, a few things to make you feel at home amongst us:

Evening Service: 6.30pm
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Evening Service: 6.30pm
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Holy Communion: 1st Sunday of each month.

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First Friday: 5th July 2019

First Friday: 15th July 2019. At the First Friday Group meeting on the 15th July we were fortunate to be treated to a “Strawberry Tea “which is synonymous with Wimbledon.

Prior to this we listened to songs and solos by Bolton U3A “Singing for Pleasure “and were treated to well-known songs and solos.

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