Holiday At Home - Week 2

Wednesday, 1st August saw another ‘Holiday at Home’ Event held at The Triangle.

This new initiative is a three-week project (today's being the second of three) aimed at the older members of our congregation and some people from the wider community who were not going away on holiday this year.

There were 33 people in attendance today, many of whom had attended the previous week and were looking forward to today’s activities.

On arrival, attendees and volunteer helpers were ‘badged-up’ and the day began, men and women sitting in groups of four and six, chattering away, friendships rekindled, enjoying tea, coffee and of course biscuits.

Brian welcomed everyone to today’s event and outlined the programme for the day which was themed around Summer Holidays. Brian then asked us to join him in an opening prayer before the day’s activities began.

The first activity of the Day was a Forget-Me-Not Craft Workshop brought to us by Trish and Alice and taking everyone on a trip down memory lane. This was a ‘hands on’ workshop with items from yesteryear being passed round as Trish and Alice masterly took us on a nostalgic journey starting at home with the dolly tub, flat irons, darning, roly-poly cooking tin (which not many people recognized) to the spinning/weaving work of the day before taking us on a trip to the seaside in Wakes Week, together with ‘kiss me quick’ hats, deckchairs, knotted hankies, sticks of rock etc. You could hear the audience chatter and reminisce as memories were stirred and people commented on still having some of these items in their garage/loft!

Brian thanked Trish and Alice for such an informative talk which had been so well received by everyone.

It was then time for Board Games for half an hour whilst the finishing touches were put to the lunch arrangements. From the chatter of the Workshop, the room went quiet as attendees concentrated on the game in hand, this being anything from frustration, connect 4, scrabble, dominoes and others.

Tables were then cleared, and bottles of water provided ready for lunch which was eagerly anticipated. The food was again excellent and plentiful and on the menu today was Chicken & Vegetable Casserole with boiled potatoes, followed by Apple Crumble and Custard. The food was well received with ‘seconds’ being offered. Rev Hilary was dispatched to Morrisons to buy supplies of takeaway dishes, and the remaining food was portioned out for people to take home for tea if they wished.

Following lunch, Brian welcomed everyone back and hoped that everyone had enjoyed the day so far. Brian advised that the Summer Holiday theme would continue into the afternoon with the “Summer Holiday” film starring Cliff Richard (sing a long version) being the activity for the afternoon.

The tables were rejigged so that everyone got a good view of the big screen and the film started. This brought back memories from summer holidays from years gone by and you could see people swaying and toe tapping to the music. Just before the end of the film, in true cinema style, Fredericks Ice Cream was handed out to everyone, to finish off what had been a lovely day.

Brian went on to close the day’s event, advising that the film had run on a little longer than expected so unfortunately the sing a long would have to be postponed to the following week. Brian hoped that everyone had enjoyed the day and thanked all those who have helped in putting the Event together, particularly David for enabling us to view the film on the big screen. Brian finished with a short prayer, wished everyone a safe journey home, hoped to see people again next week when there will be activities in the morning, following by a sing a long with John & Wendy in the afternoon.

The attendees left shortly after 3 pm, with smiles on their faces, having enjoyed a day with good company, good food, good entertainment, many of them clutching a dish of apple crumble for tea!

Kindly written by Ruth Hall.

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