A day of joy, a day of celebration, a day of delight as the congregation of the Triangle met together in their home for the first time.

For those many members who have been closely involved in the physical aspects of this great project it was also a day of great relief, of well-earned satisfaction and (still) of hard work at making sure that everything in this marvellous, complex building worked in practice.

Such was the reservoir of goodwill that this service could hardly have been anything other than delightful and the illumination of the beautiful stained glass windows made everyone present realise what a splendid place of worship we now have.

Jeff Millington, nervous of the responsibility he had as first preacher in the building, started by receiving from Catriona and Tobias of Junior Church the Cross and Bible entrusted to them in the last service and placed these items on the Communion Table (also brought up from the previous home).

Well into his stride, Jeff preached to the all-age congregation on trick questions, paying taxes and the core Christian obligation of leading your life to use your gifts for God’s work. The dozen strong praise band, all enthusiastic and skilled with a wide variety of experience, clearly took this to heart and expertly led the congregation through two lively songs (also showing the benefits of a new Church for sound and vision systems!). The congregation also enjoyed hymns accompanied by the relocated organ, sounding better than ever in its new home.

For the 120 people who came for this start of a new era, this was a great service, with a strong core of Methodist preaching and singing and the excitement and promise of a beautiful new base to inspire and assist in the next steps of our journey. - David Gorton

“What a wonderful experience”, “Just brilliant to be here”, “A dream come true.”

“Here at last – the fulfilment of years prayer & planning.”

“Who’d of thought we’d be here when we first got together only 5 years ago.”

These are just some of the feelings expressed on Sunday 19th October 2014 when the Triangle Community Church first assembled in its new building. There was a palpable sense of excitement as the members of congregation were greeted at the door and moved inside to experience the impact of the worship space and community hall – made all the more special by stunning effect of the light pouring through the new stained glass windows. Even our local preacher. Jeff Millington, confessed to being affected by the occasion!

Fiona & Tobias presented the cross and bible that had travelled here from the last service at Chorley Old Road, the organ played, the choir sang, the Praise Band played, the 150 strong congregations sang, everyone stayed and chatted over drinks in our new coffee lounge. A truly moving and memorable occasion enjoyed by all and we are sure the beginning of a new era of worship and community outreach & activity. Thanks to all those who have given their time and money to make this happen. It is now up to every one of us to live up to the expectations – with God’s help we will!


The First Triangle Service

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Good morning and we are delighted that you are with us today. We hope you find your time of worship helpful and uplifting. Today Revd. Hilary Howarth will be leading our All Age Worship. For the next four Sundays the theme will be Colossians.

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