First Friday Group: Nov 4th 2017

Fun and Games seemed a dull title, but I haven’t laughed so much for a while and felt as relaxed as I did, so don’t by the title.

The 20 questions quiz caused a few discussions on important issues such as “Did Rudolph have antlers? And which reindeer shares its name with a small solar system body?”

Important issues such as those could be pondered while I threw a six for a body in the beetle drive.

I wondered why everyone was drawing “triangular beetles” until I realised the significance.

It’s always good to meet friends and catch up with news and see new faces and enjoy a cup or two of tea and Margaret’s excellent cakes.

Next time Music and Words to begin the festive season, sounds good to me so come along, you will be very welcome.

Kindly written by Jo Farris.

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Welcome to the Triangle Community Methodist Church, we’re glad you’re here.

If you’re new to our church family, a few things to make you feel at home amongst us:

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Quiet Space: Love Conquers All

SUNDAY 12TH AUGUST 2018 THEME: Omnia vincit amor

Welcome, call to worship + prayer. Hatred stirs up conflict, but love conquers over all wrongs (Proverbs 10:12)

Love ….
Bears all things,
Believes all things,
Hopes all things,
Endures all things.
Love never fails.
(1 Corinthians 13:7)

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