First Friday - An Off-Beat Record

An Off-Beat Record by Marjorie Blount - Moving from the dusty confines of Wigan’s Inland Revenue office, through the traumas of the artificial limbs for thalidomide children and achieving Nursing Student of the year, Marjorie went into the Police Force, much to her father’s delight.

Wigan Borough was eager to appoint a Police woman and from her first enquiries about the vacancy to her getting the job was only hours, medical checks and written exams included, this was the middle of the 1960s.

The details of her entry into being a fully-fledged WPC kept everyone smiling and eager to learn more.

The uniform she was first issued with was second hand and made us realise that in the 1960s ‘make do and mend’ was definitely the order of the day, if you were unfortunate enough to miss the date for new uniforms.

Bigamy was a word she soon came across only to realise it was another WPC called “big Amy and at 6’ “and who would argue.

When in training the antics endured at breakfast when the art of “catching your own egg” was soon learned, was much enjoyed and square basking brought a tear not just to the Sgts’ eye.

It was a talk enjoyed by 31 people, especially wives of PCs in the audience who could remember melting wax over a spoon to make boots good enough to see your face in, happy days.

Marjorie has agreed to come again, and everyone was eager that she should.

Thank you, Margaret, for refreshments.

Kindly written by Jo Farris.

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Kids' Holiday Club Review

On Monday we held our first session of the holiday club this year, children of mixed ages running in and began playing, going to do the different activities ranging from jewellery to making badges, building colouring and of course finishing with the parachute games which they all love before we sang a song.

After saying a prayer all the children tucked into hotdogs, crisps followed by chocolate chip pancakes a penguin and drink, coming back for more till everything had gone.

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