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Here you can find our latest events calendar for The Triangle Church.


September 1st - 10.00 -11.30am Chaos Café
September 3rd - 11.00am Debriefing meeting from Holiday at Home
September 4th - 7.30pm Connect Too “Beyond Belief “ - Speaker Glen Atkinson
September 7th - 1.30-3.00pm First Friday Group
September 8th - 7.45pm Sequence Dancing
September 12th - 7.30pm Faith and Worship meeting
September 12th - 7.30pm Circuit Mission Committee at St. Helen’s Road
September 13th - 9.30-2.30pm Belonging Conference
September 19th - 6.30pm Food, Faith, Fellowship, “Ananias and Sapphira” Speaker Revd. Keith Jump
September 21st - 7.30pm Games Evening
September 22nd - 7.45pm Sequence Dancing
September 24th - 9.30am Finance and property meeting
September 26th - 7.00pm Stewards Meeting


October 1st - 7.00pm Mission and Outreach Meeting
October 2nd - 7.30pm Connect Too “Mindfulness and Christianity” - Speaker Emma Clark
October 2nd - 7.00- 9.30pm “Starting Well “Conference at Farnworth Baptist Church
October 5th - 1.30-3.00pm First Friday Group
October 6th - 7.45pm Sequence Dancing
October 10th - 7.30pm Church Council Meeting
October 12th - 7.30pm Games Evening
October 17th - 6.30pm Food, Faith, Fellowship “Samson and Delilah” Speaker Revd. Sue Geunault
October 19th - 7.30pm Murder Evening at Astley Bridge Cricket Club
October 22nd - 10.00- 12.00pm Kid’s Holiday Club
October 20th - 7.45pm Sequence Dancing
October 27th - 7.45pm Sequence Dancing

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