Easter Sunday Sunrise Service

To begin our Easter Day celebrations that "Christ had Risen, Alleluia ",fourteen of us joined Revd. Hilary Howarth at the Early Sun Rise Service at 6.00am.

We met on the Horrocks Fold Car Park on Scout Road over looking Bolton. It was bitterly cold but dry and we had a short Service which include call to worship followed by singing "Low in the grave he lay", Prayers , Reflection, and a reading from Mark 16: 1-8.

We listened to Stuart Townend and Paul Getty's music "See what a morning". We had another prayer and then closed with the hymn "I know that my Redeemer lives" and concluded with a blessing.

Though it was dry and lots of cloud formation over to the East we didn't see the sun rise but we did see the rays of the sun in the breaks in the clouds (see photos).

We then parted company, some going back home and a few of us returning to church for a hot cup of tea and then preparing for the breakfast at nine o'clock which was being served after the 8.30am Communion Service.

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Come And See The Son Of God

A young man who had spent a long time looking for work finally got a job in a car dealership selling cars. He knew jobs were hard to come by and was really determined to make this one work. At the start he memorised all the information about the cars he would be selling. There was nothing about them he couldn’t tell you. Parts, mileage, efficiency, owner expectations, reviews, warranties; comparisons with other brands; you name it he knew it.

The day came for him to try and sell a car on his own. He was really excited. He got his first customer. He went into his rehearsed speech on all the virtues of the car. No matter what he said she still didn’t look convinced. Eventually she left without buying the car. Nothing he had said had changed her mind.

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