Christmas Dinner On Jesus

A group of us from Church met at Urban Outreach to help with the packing of the Christmas Dinner on Jesus hampers so that up to 4,000 people will receive some festive food for Christmas.

After receiving instructions, we went to the two assembly tables where all the food for the hampers was stacked up and ready for packing.

(There were fourteen people on each table). We were then told how to pack each item in the box starting with the foil tray placed at the bottom of the hamper and then each person added an item of food, and passed along the table to the next person to add their item, until the box reached the end of the table.

At the end of the assembly line a checker checked the box to make sure everything had been put in, and if we have missed anything they shouted out the item that had been missed and it was then popped in. The hamper was then passed onto another table where a label was put on and then stacked up ready to be given out on Friday by volunteers.

Each day of this week there will be different volunteers giving a couple of hours to help, all ages from different churches and organisations and helping in a small way to make sure that the people of Bolton who cannot afford it will have a Christmas dinner on Jesus.

Over the week over 1,3000 hampers will have been packed including two bags of fresh vegetables, selection of cheese, sausage and chicken, ready for delivery on Friday where they will go to under privileged families over Bolton.

We met lots of other people who came to offer to help. The atmosphere was very relaxed and we came away feeling we had made small contribution in making some one’s Christmas worthwhile and to know that people care for them and the hampers are given with God’s love.

We thank God for all the many blessings we receive and wish everyone who receive these hampers a very Happy Christmas and that 2017 will be better a year for them.

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Christmas Dinner On Jesus

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